Free? Murderer of 11-year-old Dasha Lukyanenko is waiting for “the rest”: the court’s decision stunned everyone

Свободен? Душегуба 11-летней Даши Лукьяненко ждет "отдых": решение суда ошеломило всех

The suspect in the murder of Dashi Lukyanenko may be on the loose

In Odessa, the Kiev district court ordered in-patient psychiatric examination Nikolay Tarasov, who is suspected of murdering 11-year-old resident of the district of Ivanovka Darya Lukyanenko, committed in June 2019, this writes the news portal cripo.

Свободен? Душегуба 11-летней Даши Лукьяненко ждет "отдых": решение суда ошеломило всех

“Send in the Odessa regional mental health center to undergo a comprehensive inpatient forensic psychological and psychiatric examination to establish mental condition of the person involved in criminal proceedings at the time he committed the crime”,- stated in the court order.

22-year-old Nikolay Tarasov are charged with crimes under four articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine: part 2, article 146, part 4 article 152, paragraphs 2 and 10 of part 2 of article 115, article 297 — “theft”, “attempted statutory rape”, “murder juvenile, interfaced to rape” and “desecration of the body.”

It should be noted that the request for examination was filed by the investigator, and the Prosecutor supported. The suspect and his lawyer against the examination did not object.

Свободен? Душегуба 11-летней Даши Лукьяненко ждет "отдых": решение суда ошеломило всех

Previously, the mother of Nikolay Tarasov told in detail what happened in those days when Darya Lukyanenko was looking for the whole Odessa region.

“Before everything happened, he went and bought the candy we did not give him to buy. “Mivina” ate his. Came on for 5 minutes and went right to my room. In the day when it all happened, he made us mashed potatoes, all of fed. No one could not think where everything went,” — said Maria Tarasova. She admitted that suspect son started the very next day and even independently examined the entire house and yard.

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“The house was searched, he said: go down to the basement, climb up into the attic, check the toilet. He drove around the house and showed. Thursday disappeared Dasha and he killed her, on Friday we had three searches. I have a suspicion: after a search, the second, the third. I got scared the people said, came the cry from the side of our house. On one side of us live a woman and a man in age, with another vacant lot, with the third abandoned house. Logically all the comparing and thinking that he was home alone, I think it was him. I went through the house, looked in the outbuilding, toilet, garage, warehouse. Nothing suspicious, as usual, there was no sign of any cleaning. People can’t believe that he could so professionally to clean up and commit,” he confessed Tarasov.

We will remind, in the place of death Dashi Lukyanenko found dozens of corpses.

As reported Politeka, the parents of the murderer Dasha Lukyanenko complained to the police.

Also Politeka wrote that became known new details about the murderer Dasha Lukyanenko.