Free entertainment and volunteer in Three Rivers

claude-bolduc(Trois-Rivieres) The City of Trois-Rivieres has established a special form of entertainment last summer when she created the Appointment outdoor cultural in two public parks: Robert-Bourassa and Pie XII. The formula has been successful enough to be repeated this year.

Every Saturday night between June 11 and August 27, people aged 50 and over who had until May 1 to register with officials back to the City, will occur in public and outdoors.

The initiative has raised eyebrows, however, a citizen interested in the concept. Claude Bolduc, well known radio host but also a singer at times, would have been interested to be part of the citizens but a criterion artists did back: it gives neither character nor financial compensation to artists even if they are responsible to provide their own sound system if needed.

“I think the interesting initiative and I wanted to be a part of but I find that indecent invites people to sing without offering them any character. There still is work behind it. Would do for the inconvenience as they have to provide sound equipment. I would have done it again, but not for nothing. I’m not talking big stamp but give $ 150 or $ 200 not least that as compensation for the disorder that artists give, I think it’s minimal. ”

His grievances were heard by the project manager, Isabelle Boisvert, who argues that the initiative is simply meet existing demand.

“Originally, there was a woman singing alone at the Robert-Bourassa Park and others wanted to like it. The City simply wanted to organize some activities to provide equal opportunities to all those interested.

The voluntary aspect has always been there and it was enough to ensure registration of animation every Saturday night in the summer. The activity has generated less interest on the side of Pius XII park last year, but we try it again in 2016. ”

“In terms of compensation for the provision of the sound system, we must understand that it varies among individuals. Some are content with a small amplifier they have in hand, so it’s not very compelling. ”

Although registration is closed, the charge had not yet had time to review them. What seems certain is that there is a demand in the current conditions so that one does not think the change.

It is noted that no direct monetary solicitation to viewers will be tolerated but that will allow artists to let a hat or container on the stage to receive donations from the public.

While a small gazebo is the Robert-Bourassa park behind the Canadian Tire store in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, there are no physical installation Pius XII park.

The City does not exclude installing a wood floor can serve as scene but took no decision.

The shows will be presented at both locations on Saturday nights from 19 pm to 20: 30.

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