“Freddy Krueger of the III Millennium”: Irina Lutsenko infuriated Ukrainians “Golden” jacket

"Фредди Крюгер III тысячелетия": Ирина Луценко взбесила украинцев "золотой" курткой

The representative of the President to the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko, earlier, according to the press, who visited with her husband in Italy at the wedding of the son of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, struck social cost of his jacket

It is reported UAportal.

In particular, on his page in social network Facebook the journalist Yuliya Paliychuk argues that the resonant photo from the airport Lutsenko dressed in a leather double-breasted blazer, the cost of which is estimated at approximately 3 million euros.

"Фредди Крюгер III тысячелетия": Ирина Луценко взбесила украинцев "золотой" курткой

“I remember Irina Lutsenko in Pechersky court, when her husband was imprisoned. Who would have thought then, in 2012, that today, in 2019, family Lutsenko will become in the majors with the Seychelles and sybarites in jackets that are, as an old foreign car,” notes Paliychuk.

Public activist Alexander Semenov focuses on the fact that if the jacket was purchased in the year 2018, the wife of the public Prosecutor is obliged to make appropriate changes to their e-statements.

"Фредди Крюгер III тысячелетия": Ирина Луценко взбесила украинцев "золотой" курткой


“I hope in the calculation we made, and Irina Stepanovna own example proves that e-customs Declaration – it is the same for everyone, including when you are the wife of the attorney General. For this you just need to show proof of purchase of a chic double-breasted blazer”, — he added.

Human rights activist Sergei Naumovich made a joke that such an expensive gift to Irina Lutsenko could do son.

“Nico what’s’ki bahati! Jacket, the cost of three salaries of the MP. Probably the son of help,” said Naumovich.

"Фредди Крюгер III тысячелетия": Ирина Луценко взбесила украинцев "золотой" курткой

Recently, notorious wife of the public Prosecutor also enraged Ukrainians ridiculous behavior in the locker room.

The wife of the Prosecutor-General Yury Lutsenko religiously convinced that everyone needs to know not only her, but also her clothes. One day it led to a curious dialogue between her and the coat check at the “Ukrainian house”.

Witness the strange conversation was the correspondent of “Country,” which also stood in the queue to the cloakroom. According to him, Irina Lutsenko decided to leave his coat, but defiantly refused to take a number, arguing that the fact that the cloakroom attendant allegedly should.

“”Take a number,” said the hatcheck girl “Ukrainian house” Irina Lutsenko. “I think you know me”, she replied and left,” — said the journalist.

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