Francophone Games: a success that is not forgotten

boutros-boutros-ghali-premier-secretaireIt was 15 years ago to the day, the cities of Ottawa and Hull welcomed the IV Games of La Francophonie. The great sporting and cultural Francophone Mass, presented every four years at the post-Olympic year, going to rock the nation’s capital from 14 to 24 July 2001, leaving behind memories and indelible mark on the region. Back on a flagship event which has not been smooth.

In total, over 3000 athletes and artists from 51 delegations arrive in Ottawa-Hull in July 2001 to come delight the honors in the various events on the program of the Games of La Francophonie.

Athletics, basketball, football, judo, boxing, street arts, song, poetry, painting, dance: the featured disciplines are many and varied.

Francophones from across the globe will compete for 10 days under the gaze of thousands of spectators also from everywhere around the globe to support their national representatives.

While the Francophonie is revealed in all its glory, Ottawa and Hull host to the biggest event the region has ever seen yet. The total budget of the organization amounts to $ 40 million, of which about 12 million from the federal.

The organization of the Games requires the input of more than 3,000 volunteers and 250 experts the health sector called upon to intervene with competitors.

The turnstiles, success is resounding. The majority of the finals at the different events are presented sellouts. The organizing committee finally unveils its balance sheet in December 2001.

A fund of Games

Ticket sales helped to garner $ 2.4 million, $ 400,000 more than the goal initially. In the end, the organizers reap a surplus of $ 1.7 million on total revenues of $ 37.4 million. A Fund of $ 1.2 million games will be created from the surplus, while the remaining amount will be paid in the community in the form of grants to foundations working in the sports and cultural circles of the two sides of the river Ottawa.

“The Games of Madagascar (1997) helped to perpetuate the Games. The fourth edition has helped to establish the Games. They have truly become a major project of the governments for the development of youth, “says Media Michel Dach, executive secretary of the International Committee of the Games of La Francophonie, after publishing presented in the greater National Capital.

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