Francis Huster doesn’t want them to Yann Moix after their hanging in There is not lying – Here

Invited in It is not lying to present his book, Francis Huster has been attacked by Yann Moix. The actor confided that he didn’t want the columnist in Laurent Ruquier.

Last Saturday, Francis Huster was invited on the set of It is not lying to talk about her book never give up, do not waive anything (Editions du Cherche Midi). A book in which he explains to people that when one has lost everything, there is a “miracle” that allows you to start from scratch and get on with it. The actor also revealed that he had been the victim of a rape at the age of 12 years, and that he has decided to turn the page of this event to ” live another life “.

When it is found a little later in the face of Yann Moix to defend his book, Francis Huster has faced violent criticism on the part of the chronicler. “It’s chaotic. It goes in all directions, it is a kind of anger “, has launched the accomplice of Christine Angot before calling her book ” a literature that is tired of the real. “In short, the tone is quickly mounted between the two men.

Invited yesterday the Big Show on Non-Stop People, Francis Huster is back on this battle. And obviously, this last one does not seem too much to want as to Yann Moix. “I often do the Big heads with Laurent Ruquier, editor’s note), and I told him that I think that Yann will be fair to his profession, was entrusted the actor. I hope that, as all readers of this book, it is said that it is up to him to write his life. I do not want at all, on the contrary ! You realize, the buzz is incredible that this has made. We talk about it everywhere. “

Not at all offended by the criticism of Yann Moix, Francis Huster think that the chronicler was simply in search of a buzz. “I believe that now, Yann Moix has very well understood the book, he continued. I think he was looking for the buzz yes, it is there for that. ”

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