Francis Cabrel tour promises

francis-cabrel-amorcait-mardi-soirSome 2,000 people gathered in La Baie to hear Francis Cabrel Tuesday night. Some 2,000 people were treated to a show at the height of their expectations. Some 2,000 people who welcomed every part offered as a gift.

Francis Cabrel was beginning Tuesday night his Quebec tour at the Theatre Municipal Palace of La Baie. With the reception that gave her the Saguenay public, we bet it’s the smile that the author-songwriter continues its journey today.

The public also has a good reason to rejoice. Francis Cabrel has found the perfect balance to provide a colorful spectacle without distorting his work.

A more complete and convincing performance that during his last visit in 2009.

Even difficult to believe that in 2000, a French artist’s show had to be canceled for lack of a sufficient number of tickets sold. Tuesday night, even the memory of that missed appointment seemed farfetched.

Francis Cabrel appeared on stage at 20 h 50 before an enthusiastic crowd after the first part assumed in fine fashion by Celeste Levis, former candidate of the Voice.

“Tonight, the room is almost full. He will make his old songs of his quickdraw heartthrob … “said he sang as an initiation interpreting the voice of crooner piece which is featured on his latest album In Extremis.

The first lines were enough to understand that Cabrel was fully invested in the show that he would offer. An impression that materialized over the pieces.

“Nice to see you after so many years, but you do not change,” said he told the captivated audience in advance.

The highly effective lighting has transformed the huge panels of the scene at the discretion of the parts. That was enough. Large effects were not helpful. Music, lyrics, vocals, everything was there. Necessary, no more no less.

Cabrel’s voice is impeccable, the height of what we can expect. Tuesday night, the singer-songwriter has also offered its audience a musical performance of great quality. Surrounded by four musicians and three singers, it offers a spectacle far from static, where each title has its own bill. The versatility of the musicians (piano, accordion, double bass, violin, “steel guitar”, etc.) can offer different arrangements from one room to the other, always a solid rendering.

The audience was treated to a mixture of pieces from the last album and the artist’s unavoidable.

He has asked the singers to approach him for the interpretation of very smooth ink in your eyes. “It’s a song that whispers more than it sings,” he explained.

The audience sang on Again and again part that was also offered in simplicity, along with the voices of the three singers.

He also proposed party to stay with a very appreciated final where only the guitar artist, his voice and that of his three choir resounded.

“It’s a song revisited on a somewhat ‘soft’ mode ” ‘waving’ ‘, which allows me to talk about my new passion is body expression,” he said before to indulge in a few moves and then simulate a bad back suddenly on the first notes of this writing.

At times, the “we love you Francis” have blended the room. The artist has sketched a smile.

Difficult for the journalist to leave the room to the sound of the first notes of Petite Marie, while there were still several minutes to the show. But no matter, no time would have to leave the room without regret.

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