France could withdraw from the European Union, disclosed the name of the culprit

Франция может выйти из Евросоюза, раскрыто имя виновника

From the European Union could be the next country in exchange for economic preferences

This is reported by American journalists, citing its own sources.

“During a private meeting at the White house in late April, trump discussed trade with President of France Emmanuel Macron. At some point he asked him: “why don’t you leave the EU?”and said that if France leaves the Union, trump offered her a bilateral trade deal with better terms than the EU as a whole receives from the United States,” — stated in the message.

Франция может выйти из Евросоюза, раскрыто имя виновника

Kremlin propagandists ridiculed for his words about the meeting of Putin and trump

It should be clarified that the official confirmation of this information from the White house yet, as well as any reaction of Emmanuel Macron on the proposal.

Франция может выйти из Евросоюза, раскрыто имя виновника

Recall, while Donald trump and Vladimir Putin are preparing for a new meeting, they tell the administration what to expect from the upcoming negotiations. So, a White house spokesperson lyndsey Walters said that the President of the United States during the talks with his Russian counterpart hoped to reduce tensions in Russian-American relations.

The representative of the administration, trump said that during this meeting, the American leader will be primarily to consider the interests of national security of their country.

Франция может выйти из Евросоюза, раскрыто имя виновника

As he wrote Politeka, USA and Russia failed to agree on a future meeting of the presidents, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin. Washington and Moscow failed to agree on the time and place of the summit Russia – the USA. In the framework of the forthcoming summit to be held the meeting of Putin and trump. This was announced by Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.

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More information on the presidents promise to publish msun in the coming days. According to Ushakov, the meeting will take several hours and will begin with the conversation tete-a-tete.

Among the topics already mentioned, bilateral relations, the settlement of the conflict in Syria and disarmament. Also, the parties may make a joint statement. The agreement was achieved during the visit to Moscow of the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton on 27 June.

In Moscow, Bolton met with Vladimir Putin and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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