Four ways to get rid of a toothache without a doctor and pills

Четыре способа избавиться от зубной боли без врача и таблеток

As a rule, visits to the doctor require time. But what if the tooth pain is so strong that you suffer no opportunities

You can numb the pain with traditional methods and even get rid of it. At least this will give you the opportunity to go to the doctor and have been with him to solve the problem with teeth.

Ice. If you have overly sensitive teeth, then this option is not very suitable. Otherwise, the ice cubes can relieve toothache, because they cause numbness gums and nerves. You can put ice in a thin gauze and hold it near the sick tooth for several minutes.

Четыре способа избавиться от зубной боли без врача и таблеток

Bow. This vegetable has a strong antimicrobial and antiseptic effect. Strange as it may sound, but the severe dental pain, our ancestors chewed raw onion, sometimes getting relief from their sufferings. In addition, onions can destroy germs in the mouth that cause infection.

Garlic. A little different from the previous method. Garlic has also long been known to mankind for its amazing properties. It is a natural antibiotic that slows down bacteria and protects from various ailments. Chew a little raw garlic or mix salt with grated garlic, to apply the resulting mixture directly on the aching tooth.

Carnation. For toothache from India cloves is probably the most common recipe. This spice has anti-inflammatory, it fights bacteria and effectively relieves pain. Cloves are rich in antioxidants, which also help to reduce pain in the teeth and infection control.

Note, we were informed that we should know before visiting your dentist, and common mistakes made by patients.

Четыре способа избавиться от зубной боли без врача и таблеток

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