Four popular myths that used for weight loss

Четыре популярных мифа, которые используют для похудения

The best diet is an empty fridge, thought of our grandmothers, but there are methods that with the help of good nutrition just do not leave the chance of unwanted pounds, important not to overdo it

These slimming methods are very popular and hyped. However, as it turns out, there is no more than another marketing ploy, writes Clatch.

Четыре популярных мифа, которые используют для похудения

It often happens that, despite strict adherence to diet, the result is zero. Like and recommendations taking everything into account, the caloric content of each product was calculated and the extra pounds did not go away. It turns out that it’s all in the diet, the performance of which is a myth.

A diet based on calorie restriction

If you still believe that you can lose weight, if you just start to limit yourself in food without any rules — forget it. Only an experienced dietitian can tell you what foods to include in your diet and which to exclude. And still counting exactly how many calories you need to eat a day to lose weight and not to harm your health.

“Significant lack of food and calories, the body perceives as a threat to its existence. As a result, it slows down the metabolism, energy is less, and the fat goes away very slowly,” — explain the scientists-nutritionists.

Fractional power

The most talked about diet over the past few years. Her fans claim that if you eat small portions, but often, it’s easy to get rid of extra pounds without feeling hungry. But, according to most nutritionists, no scientifically proven benefit from this way of eating is not. Most likely, this method was invented by the fans of the “ordinary” diets to stand out, moving away from our usual three meals a day system eating.

Defatted dIETA

Supporters of this principle of power believe that you can lose weight if best to eliminate from your diet all fats. However, this method to lose weight would do more harm than good, since fat is just vital for our body. Without their participation cannot be assimilated with such important vitamins as A and E and other important micronutrients.

Четыре популярных мифа, которые используют для похудения

By the way, these vitamins and minerals support the normal process of human metabolism and help fat be used up faster, turning into energy.

Counting calories

Of course, nothing harmful in that people regularly and carefully counts calories eaten, no. However, this method often does not bring the desired results. After all, if you constantly monitor the amount of calories and notice positive results from time to time to “reward” yourself for endurance, pampering your stomach some high-calorie snacks.

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