Four fights with three by-elections in St. Paul

ancien-conseiller-mario-larochelle-souhaite(St. Paul d’Abbotsford) Citizens of St. Paul d’Abbotsford will eventually elect a mayor and three councilors in by-elections scheduled for 24 July. Three candidates vie indeed every seat vacated in recent weeks.

Completed since Saturday late afternoon, the nomination period has allowed 12 citizens to write their name on the list, while three council seats and Town Hall are vacant since the unexpected departure of Jacques Viens, Sylvie Menard and Robert Porlier. As each station has three candidates, no election by acclamation took place.

First candidate to solicit mayor, Mario Larochelle, who abandoned his council seat to make the jump, would improve the image of the municipality, marred by rumors and hearsay bandied about since the three withdrawals, but also bring citizens at city Hall. “It’s going well in St. Paul, contrary to what some people think. We must continue the good work of recent years, “says one who formalized his candidacy on 10 June.

Elected in 2009, Mr. Larochelle has run a campaign “positive, clean and based on the real facts.” “I heard a lot of things that are said. People have many questions. I go door to door, and I realize that people are somewhat aware of a situation, finds the alternate former mayor. I want to listen to citizens, put the record straight and to be transparent, but we need the population as information. ”

Among the priorities of the director of commercial sales in eastern Canada for the Home Depot banner include residential development in the municipality, support to primary school Micheline Brodeur and the revitalization of the town center by attracting new traders.

Regarding the expropriation of a lot located at the foot of the mountain to make a public road, municipal project criticized by mountaineers owners, Mr. Larochelle is reassuring. “We will sit down with people and we will try to find an area of agreement,” he said in an interview with La Voix de l’Est.

Dialogue and mediation

On the last day of the nomination period, Mr. Larochelle was joined by his fellow Robert Vyncke and Roger Paquette. The latter, having first submitted its application for an advisory position, finally chose to seek the highest office of the municipality. Mr. Paquette declined our request for an interview Monday.

For his part, Mr. Vyncke, who co-founded the movement Vigil St. Paul d’Abbotsford, said to have been invited by several citizens to file his candidacy. The fact that important decisions will be taken in the coming months also tipped the balance.

The president of the Foundation Opera Children wishes to establish an atmosphere “more democratic” and transparent to the town hall, based on mediation rather than litigation of disputes.

An approach based on dialogue and negotiation that will apply particularly in the case of the Mountain folder. “I do not want there to be expropriation, he says bluntly, you have to negotiate with the owners.” Ditto for the residential development of the municipality, a record must be “well-leash” to meet the needs of young families, but without “stare St. Paul.”

Mr. Vyncke also wants more support to primary school to enable all children to do their schooling there, in addition to providing direct support to municipal and religious heritage to hold a local economic forum to attract businesses to the municipality.

In addition, Mr. Vyncke says it wants to rebalance the roles and responsibilities of the mayor and the general direction, echoing the outgoing mayor, who justified his departure by the collision of his management style with that of general manager Daniel-Eric St- Onge. “There are powers of surveillance and control that have been set aside,” believes the candidate.

Mr. Vyncke wants a debate between candidates for mayor to be held on July 11, Mr. Larochelle idea which is in favor.

As for consultants, seat # 1 is coveted by Jean-Marie Bergman, Mario Blanchard and Dany Forand. Josée Houle Melanie Duchesneau and Alain Choquette will compete for the seat # 5 while Pierre Pagé, Christian François Riendeau and Joevany Blaney will attempt to be the lucky position of # 6.

The vote will take place Sunday, July 24, 10 am to 20 pm in the Community Room of leisure Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford; advance voting will be held at the same place on 17 and 18 July between 12 am and 20 pm.

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