Founded by a former SpaceX engineer startup will create a high-speed train

Startup Arrivo, organized by the former designer of SpaceX and Hyperloop One is going to develop the Expressway. The head of The company Brogan Bambergen has already signed the necessary agreement with the Department of transportation of the U.S. state of Colorado.

The Expressway may receive in the city of Denver and it will cut along is already working in the area of highways. With the new project authorities are going to provide passenger transportation at a speed of 320 km/h. Arrivo Program provides for the organization of high-speed travel on relatively short distances. Probably the new highway will provide an opportunity to get from Central Denver to the airport in nine minutes. Now to overcome this distance is spend an hour of time.

In Arrivo did not report the technical details of the project, but for travel on a highway requires a special machine that will be used magnetic levitation. It is noted that work will cease in 2019, and passenger transportation will begin in 2021.

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