Found the sequel to “a Clockwork orange”: “was Kept in the house of the writer”

Найдено продолжение романа «Заводной апельсин»: «Хранился в доме писателя»

The international Fund of the writer Anthony Burgess found in the house of the man the sequel to “a Clockwork orange”

About it reports The Guardian.

“The lost sequel to “a Clockwork orange” by Anthony Burgess, in which the author explores the moral panic, was found among his booms in a house near Rome. The unfinished manuscript had the title of “The Clockwork Condition”, which translates as “Crown status”, — stated in the message.

It is emphasized that the manuscript contains about 200 pages of text, notes, and plans. The writer himself called the work “a major philosophical statement about the state of modern man.”

At the same time, Professor of modern literature at Manchester Metropolitan University Biswell called the opening “spectacular.”

“Part philosophical reflection, part autobiography, the condition of the watch movement provides the context for the most famous work of Burgess and reinforces his views on crime, punishment and the potential devastating effects of visual culture. It also sheds new light on the complex relationship with its own Burgess a clockwork orange novel, a work that he continued to revise until the end of his life,” he said.

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