Found the body of a famous Hollywood actor, “the dog was there”, the details of a mysterious tragedy

Найдено тело известного голливудского актера, "собака была рядом", детали таинственной трагедии

Famous Hollywood actor and his dog found dead

In Oregon discovered the remains of American actor Charles Levin. This became known on Monday, July 15, according to CNN .

At the time of death, the actor was 70 years old. He was engaged in moving and suddenly went missing. A week before the terrible finds the son of actor called the police and said his father disappeared. After that, the star was reported missing.

A local resident found the car abandoned near Levin road. Police reported that the car due to the inability to pass was preparauon the road. Found in the car of the deceased pug actor named Bear BU. Beside the car was the body of the host.

The police said that the remains likely belong to Levin. They added that they expect the final results of the medical examination.

Charles Levin began his acting career in the 70-ies. Among the most famous films with his participation — “Annie Hall”, “a Civil action”, “Manhattan”, “No rules”, “the couch trip” and “the Man with one red Shoe”. He has also appeared in the TV series “Seinfeld,” “Law and order,” “tales of the dark side” and “the twilight zone”.

Найдено тело известного голливудского актера, "собака была рядом", детали таинственной трагедии

Earlier it was reported that his heart stopped the actor who played the terminally ill character in the popular series. Actor Michael Sleggs, fame which brought the role in the British sitcom mockumentary “This country”, has died at the age of 33. At the time of his death, he was at home.

Medics arrived at the house of the actor, where he provided him with palliative care. Sleggs having heart problems that do not respond to treatment. The details of the death of the actor were not disclosed. However, in may he first reported to media that the doctors predict for him a quick death.

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In the sitcom “the country”, the actor played the role of annoying neighbor of the main characters. The plot of the series his character was suffering end-stage cancer. This role was for Sleggs only.

Найдено тело известного голливудского актера, "собака была рядом", детали таинственной трагедии

Recall, stopped the heart star of the film James bond: “he was adored by millions.”

As reported Politeka, disclosed is a terrible cause of death of 20-year-old star of Hollywood: “hide very long”.

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