Found effective way to lose weight: scientists told how to win the hunger

Найден эффективный способ похудеть: ученые рассказали, как победить голод

To lose weight, you need to eat less but how to do it, if you feel a constant hunger

Those who are trying to lose weight, unbearable hunger. With it, the hunger only intensified every time you realize that there is enough.

Employees of the University of Copenhagen conducted a series of experiments that showed how most effectively to lose weight.

Найден эффективный способ похудеть: ученые рассказали, как победить голод

Although weight loss is often as the most healthy option recommended protein food, scientists from Denmark believe that it is not so.

Experts note that there is a lot of evidence that the protein maintains a feeling of satiety, and protein diet to promote weight loss. Nevertheless, the experiments have demonstrated that a more effective, and most importantly, healthy nutrition component, allowing you to be slim.

Representatives of the University of Copenhagen said that this component is vegetable cellulose. Assuming that fiber is combined with protein, to lose weight and control food intake can best, say the doctors. The perfect product that meets this requirement, are legumes – beans, lentils, peas, etc.

In favor of this conclusion are the results of the experiments. They showed that people who have the basis of the diet was vegetarian with a high protein level and vegetable fiber, felt satiated for much longer, ate less, showed no cravings for harmful snacks and more effective in losing weight.

Найден эффективный способ похудеть: ученые рассказали, как победить голод

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“During testing, 43 subjects were offered three options for burgers made with legumes, veal and pork. Our results showed that participants who ate a vegetarian cutlets, remained satiated much longer and consumed 12% less calories during your next meal,” — said, in particular, the authors of the project.

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