Found an unexpected way cancer prevention: how to be saved from “silent killer”

Найден неожиданный способ профилактики рака: как спастись от "тихого убийцы"

To protect yourself from cancer will help one thing set in your body

In 80% of cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed at later stages, which earned him the nickname “the quiet killer”. Women often appear metastases when the disease manifested. In terms of mortality ovarian cancer is the fifth highest among all cancers.

This tumor is the most deadly for the reproductive system in women. And when it detects cancer at early stages — chances to fight disease increases.

American scientists of University of Colorado said that the intrauterine device (IUD) reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

As it turned out through research, the spiral reduces the risk of ovarian cancer in 15-32%. It does not depend on hormonal or not. Only remains unclear how long the spiral may be in the uterus.

Найден неожиданный способ профилактики рака: как спастись от "тихого убийцы"

According to experts, the risk of cancer is reduced due to the fact that the Navy is struggling with a high level of estrogen – a hormone which increases cancer risk breast and ovarian cancer.

However, it is worth noting that experts say all types of IUDs lead to popolneniya. Next, the immune cells grow, and stop the threat of cancer.

Notably, the IUD is a contraceptive made of plastic and metal (copper, gold, silver), equipped with a “mustache” at the end. There are spirals with the hormone progesterone to help prevent gynecological diseases.

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Найден неожиданный способ профилактики рака: как спастись от "тихого убийцы"

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