Found a simple way to improve the condition of skin and hair: “one vegetable”

Найден простой способ улучшить состояние волос и кожи: "Нужен один овощ"

Scientists told how with just one vegetable to improve the condition of hair and skin

To preserve the beauty and health will help of the usual vegetables and fruits. Substance contained therein sate a skin with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

Scientists told about the beneficial properties of this popular fruit, like a tomato. The tomatoes do not have to be eaten, applied on cotton and tomato juice can be used instead of lotion. This will saturate the dermis that gives the skin firmness and elasticity.

Найден простой способ улучшить состояние волос и кожи: "Нужен один овощ"

Also for protyani can be applied directly tomatoes, cut into pieces, RUB them into the skin. Such procedures will provide a quick effect, the abundance of vitamin C gives the skin a brightness and radiance, dramatically improving her condition.

The following useful property of this representative of the Solanaceae protection from sunburn. Enough to use as a preventive measure for three months about 5 tablespoons of tomato sauce, this natural protection will save from the harmful sun rays. To eliminate the consequences of the resulting burn can be, attaching to the damage a slice of tomato.

It is also useful oil from the seeds of tomatoes, it can help you to resolve a number of problems. Moreover, its ingredients protect against premature aging, as they are able to block free radicals. By this simple means the skin is recovering even in diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Vitamin a is useful for acne, tomato juice efficiently eliminates acne and pimples.

Essential this fruit for the hair of his flesh to clear them from dandruff, it is enough twice a week to lubricate the scalp. Tomato juice used for cleaning skin pores, for 15 minutes leaving the skin a compress with 4 drops of juice with water.

Найден простой способ улучшить состояние волос и кожи: "Нужен один овощ"

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