“Formula Gerus” will lead to the lifting of sanctions against Russia — Lyashko

"Формула Геруса" приведет к отмене санкций против России — Ляшко

The opening of the import of electricity from Russia, which lobbied for Andriy Gerus, will lead to the abolition of the EU sanctions against Russia.

According to the Columnist, this was stated by former MP, leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko in the air “112 channel” on 8 October.

“There is a “formula Gerus”. Who is? Andrew Gerus — the people’s Deputy of Ukraine from “people’s Servants”, the Chairman of the Committee on fuel and energy complex. Amended and allowed the Russians to sell in Ukraine, its energy actually lifted the sanctions against Russia. And then we wonder and ask the Germans and the French, why they want to lift the sanctions. That is, we offer German, French businesses to the sanctions suffered losses, and the Ukrainian will earn by trading with Russia. But stupid not. And so I would argue that this “formula of Gerus” is actually the lifting of sanctions against Russia”, — said Lyashko.

In his opinion, the import of electricity from Russia will be the basis for the EU to lift the sanctions against Russia imposed over the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine.

“Today is actually the result of a “formula Gerus” canceled sanctions against Russia and goes through corruption schemes, the Russian electricity to Ukraine. This means that we have no moral right to ask the European partners to extend the sanctions. In addition, I predict that “formula Gerus” will be the basis for the commencement of the abolition of European Union sanctions against Russia”, — said Lyashko.

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Recall that on September 18 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine in the sphere of nuclear energy use”, in which the head of the energy Committee of Parliament Andriy Gerus lobbied for the edit be allowed to buy Ukrainian consumers of imported electricity at bilateral contracts. According to him, imports had to be from Belarus.

October 1 was the first delivery of electricity from Russia under the regime of import — steady schedule with capacity of 100 MW. According to a source in the market, the import made by the company “United energy”, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky.

Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on issues of Ukraine’s integration with the EU Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze believes that the amendment Gerus opened the floodgates for Russian electricity for the enrichment of individual oligarchs and called unacceptable trade with the country-aggressor. And also promised that the deputies will initiate cancellation of the amendment.

4 October on the website of the President it was a petition to ban the import of electricity from Russia.