Former Nikita without shame showed juicy form: “Incomparable”

Экс-Nikita без стыда показала сочные формы: «Бесподобная»

Popular Ukrainian singer and former Nikita Anastasia Kumeyko boasted forms on archival photo

The girl has published in Instagram.

“Prisoner of war. My main role in the new video with Alexander Ponomarev. Nice view”, — stated in the message.

Экс-Nikita без стыда показала сочные формы: «Бесподобная»

In fact, the picture of the girl posing together with Ponomariov. The kumeyko without shame, climbed up on the piano and boasted appetizing forms. This was the reason for the rapid reviews in the network.

“Peerless”, “Fire!”, “you are beautiful”, “very nice,” “super,” they write.

Экс-Nikita без стыда показала сочные формы: «Бесподобная»

Note that the picture was taken back in 2017, but the memory of it Kumeyko published in 10 Stories of September this year.

earlier we wrote that the ex-soloist of Nikita group and a former participant of the project “Dances with stars z” Anastasia Kumeyko boasted to followers new bold photo.

Экс-Nikita без стыда показала сочные формы: «Бесподобная»

“Magic,” the message reads.

The published photo of Kumeyko posing in underwear with no top. In this case, “a causal place” she decided to hold my hand.

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Экс-Nikita без стыда показала сочные формы: «Бесподобная»

We add that the ex-participant of show “Dances with stars z” stunned the new network of overt way.

Ukrainian singer, ex-soloist of group Nikita Anastasia Kumeyko, aka DJ NANA without hesitation shows delicious forms in a candid photoshoot, excites the imagination of his fans. So, she published a thing in a long transparent dress, under which you can easily examine her tight buttocks.

Экс-Nikita без стыда показала сочные формы: «Бесподобная»

Recall that the ex-participant of “Dancing with the Stars” became seriously ill on holiday in Sunny Thailand.

Politeka also wrote that the former participant of “Dancing with the stars” has exposed on the network a photo caused a stir among fans.

Even Politeka wrote that according to the Ukrainian restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko, defiance in the air of the project “dancing with the stars” was “a way” and “task”.