Former Hungarian Finance Minister Lajos Bokros supported Ukraine

He called the Hungarian diplomacy sly, specious and dishonest.

Колишній угорський міністр фінансів Лайош Бокрош підтримав Україну

Former Finance Minister of Hungary Lajos Bokros support Ukraine in the conflict with Budapest. About this he wrote in Facebook, reports Rus.Media.

According to him, the statements of the Hungarian foreign Ministry that Ukraine is a campaign of hatred against the Hungarians, are not true.

“Cocky Hungarian diplomacy managed to alienate the Ukrainian authorities to the fact that in the Hungarian Consulate in Beregovo handed a Hungarian passport and was secretly sworn in by the Hungarian people. Thus the Hungarian government had grossly violated Ukrainian legislation,” – said Bokros.

He stressed that it did not support the prohibition of dual citizenship, but the laws should be respected in the same way as the Hungarian government to comply with them in the case with Slovakia.

He called the Hungarian diplomacy sly, specious and dishonest.

“Hungarian diplomacy deals incredible damage of the Transcarpathian Hungarian community, the amount of which decreases rapidly. Instead of trying to negotiate with the Ukrainian authorities, it is fueling the fire of hatred. Not even a question that the main role the loser will receive the Transcarpathian Hungarians” – said Bokros.

We will remind, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto, commenting on the situation in Transcarpathia, said that “Ukrainian politics have reached the bottom”.

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