Forest fire in Shefford

feu-branches-necessite-intervention-pompiers(Shefford) A fire has attacked a forest of Shefford Monday to 15 h 30, between Noble Street and Highway 10. The woodland fire spread over an area of ​​400 feet by 200 feet (122 m by 61 m).

“A citizen has made a small fire arms and he escaped, says the director of the fire department, André Cadorette. While he was searching for something, the fire has spread. He tried to put it out with his rake, but did not succeed. ”

Firefighters in the municipality no longer issue fire permits for several days. They reminded licensees issued recently to suspend authorizations due to high forest fire risk.

According to the Company’s website to protect forests against fire (SOPFEU), practically the whole province has a high risk of forest fires. The organization has also been notified of the event by the fire. The location of the fire was difficult to access, notes Mr. Cadorette. Firefighters were able to use the lake on the grounds of living, get water and extinguish the blaze, but they had to attack by the owner’s property and from Highway 10. Twenty firefighters Shefford and Waterloo , stepped in, took part in combat.

“For the next few days of high risks, no open fires,” warns the director of the service.

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