Forecaster: in Ukraine in the coming days will decrease the temperature

Ukrainians warned of a sharp cold.

Синоптик: в Україні в найближчі дні різко знизиться температура повітря

Ukrainians warned of a sharp cold

In Ukraine in the coming days will decrease the temperature.

About this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

According to her, on Friday, October 19, will be almost the last warm day this autumn.

“Tomorrow is the last day this warm and Sunny air. No, the “twenties” in degrees still enough and the sun will be a lot. However, in the West of Ukraine is already possible to smell the first true air of Mature autumn – colder, higher clouds, and even in the Carpathian region and around the mountains possible modest first rains,” wrote forecaster, reports Rus.Media.

The rest of the territory of Ukraine will be warm to +23 degrees.

“During the Saturday-Sunday cold rush of warm air. 21 Oct in the Western and Northern regions will be a little rain,” warned Didenko.

According to her, the next week it is already possible to contact the utility about the health of the batteries.

“Next week you can safely disturb the public utilities to have at least started rattling battery and pull the air from the upper floors. Or where need. Because at least since Tuesday and next, according to preliminary estimates, the norms for the start of the heating season for sure will. A necessary condition for the start of the heat in the room – three days with average daily air temperature is +8 degrees and below,” – said Didenko.

Note, in Kiev on 16 October, set a new temperature record – the thermometer this day has risen to 23 degrees.

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