Ford refuses to advertise their sedans

Компания Ford отказывается от рекламы своих седанов

Passions around the models of cars Ford is heating up. It seems that the manufacturer seeks to get rid of them as soon as possible!

Rumors that Ford will slowly phase out its production of cars, appeared in the spring of this year, and in August confirmed the automaker, providing a new strategic development plan, in which cars models are given only 11% of the total output. To fall to this number of cars had to 2023, but apparently the market and the company itself, is forcing events.

A few days ago the British media reported that the leader of the European passenger line – Mondeo – will be discontinued, but the press service of the Ford denied this information, without, however, anything about the successor to this model. It is possible that after a planned restyling and two to three years of production Mondeo will still sink into Oblivion.

That to its American counterpart under the name of Fusion, the verdict is already signed: the model will no longer release a couple of years, and heir she is not, but the platform sedan Fusion can be the basis of cross-wagon that will compete with the Subaru Outback.

This week the publication Automotive News, citing the Vice-President of the North American division of Ford marketing said that the company hastily turns to the Federal advertising campaign of their sedans and funneling the money to other purposes, in particular for the promotion of sports cars and crossovers. What to unsold cars, their dealers have now to promote themselves. Pending the ultimate elimination of inventory…

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Currently Ford offers in the US, four passenger models: Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus, and Focus can only be purchased with a hatchback – a sedan with sales already removed.

Fiesta Junior is feeling relatively well and ranked second in the subcompact segment the Nissan Versa: from January to July this year implemented 29 51 287 and 156 units, respectively, and compared with the same period last year, sales of the Fiesta increased by 4%. But overall, the segment is considered to be futile, and Ford sees no reason to invest. Instead of the Fiesta, the company will promote the subcompact SUV EcoSport – the US market it was released only in 2016, after the restyling.

Focus found in seven months of this year 84 794 customers (-14,5%), while the leader of the compact class, the Honda Civic – has sold 202 553 instance, but this is still a large segment of the American market is already considered to be depressed, sales in it to fall by most models.

Segments of mid-size and large cars, in which are positioned the Fusion and Taurus, also in recession, and is unlikely to find at least one expert who would give them a positive Outlook. From January to July Fusion found 97 800 buyers (-19,2%), Taurus – only 26 356 (-0,8%).

Thus, despite the dramatic fall, better than the other cars sold by Ford Fusion, so he’ll be staying (although it is firm money to allocate no more plans). For the rest, 2018 could be the last year of sales in the United States.

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By the way, Ford still sells in the United States, the European compact MPV C-Max, but he’s doing quite bad: seven months completed in just 5873 instance (-44,8%).

In General, in the domestic market, Ford has given up on cars by hand, but it would seem that recently, the Taurus was the main machine of America… But huge resources thrown at the development of a line of electric cars in three years, Ford has doubled the volume of investments in this segment (up to $ 11 billion) and now promises to 2022 as many as 16 new products. The key will be a cheap electric crossover kupeobrazny body and design elements of the Mustang model – it will present in 2020.

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