For what purpose You are born in the sign of the Zodiac — your destiny!

Для какой цели Вы рождены по знаку Зодиака — ваше предназначение!

Karma is the law of cause and effect. The law of karma is the realization of the consequences of human actions. And they can be both positive and negative.

That is to say a person becomes responsible for his life, for all the suffering and enjoyment she brings him. All living creatures are responsible for their actions and their consequences.


Libra who is always trying to maintain mental balance, can calmly and objectively look at things of the world, to any situation be approached impartially, to find the right solutions. Sometimes the Scales come to balance through conflict. For them, the conflict in the best case is something inconvenient, in most cases unbearable, and at worst very scary.The majority of the Weights believe that to resolve the conflict – it is their duty, even if they are not related to any of the conflicting parties. Libra is sensitive to any injustice or disharmony. They do everything in their power to correct the “imbalance” just to make sure everything’s all right again.


Its main goal is to turn your weaknesses into strengths and to do it with love. Scorpio has great power and is constantly asking itself how best to use it. All the time he is faced with a choice: to use his power to develop their best qualities and to help others, or to create problems and destroy what others are doing.He has the ability to see the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, and it has much to teach him. If Scorpio tries to see in all only good things, even knowing about the existence of evil, he not only finds an endless supply of power, but also increases them.


Gemini are born with the knowledge of the duality of the world and of the human soul that each of us get along good and evil, darkness and light, and know that God is a constant, unchanged. Karmic main objective of Gemini is to discover that God is in everything.

What would the Twins did not do, whatever he studied, they are always trying to answer two main questions: “Who am I really?” and “what is the meaning of life?”. It is important to learn how to fully surrender to the fact that they are doing at the moment. The only way they will be able to implement every one of his many talents, not randomly rush through life in search of new interests.

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Cancer lives in harmony with the world when he finds his house inside is one of his goals in life. Home is the place where one feels safe where he is loved and where care. Cancer learns to take care of themselves, overcoming insecurity. In this sense – one of the main problems for Cancer and at the same time the best teacher. He can worry because of the fact that he does not have a large amount of money or that he’s not as talented as others.

In General, the classic: “Chief, all is lost!” Often the sense of insecurity makes Cancer turn to God, to recognize the inscrutable ways of the Lord. Uncertainty teaches him trust. Even if at first he refuses to trust life, sooner or later, he still must come to this, but in this case, his path in life will go in the right direction. Many Cancers are afraid of losing their property (usually rather big), the relationship with their children, the opportunity to live as they like.


For Leo it is important to educate yourself in service to others and courage. When he follows the dictates of his open heart, natural attractiveness, self-esteem and foresight help him to move mountains. When the lion begins to indulge his stubborn Ego, he always fired. The ego is the source of all problems and at the same time the main teacher for the Lion. The imperious arrogance of a Lion might offend other people.

It becomes unmanageable and arrogant, begins to believe that there are no unattainable goals. Confidence is a good trait, but not if its source is a feeling of superiority. If the lion uses its sense of purpose in order to follow the dictates of his generous heart, his wisdom and power are seen by others and willing to help him. Love should be a source of strength for the Lion.


The main goal of life Rams, to understand what is its real value, to find the meaning of life. And he does it all the time, because he believes – the more he experiences, the more you learn about yourself. But most Aries do not have to live permanently in action to understand yourself and your tasks in this life. Aries must strive for leadership and implementation of all their talents.Vicious deeds, his life is safely and happily. The key word for Aries is patience. Feel the benefits of patient relationship to life. If you don’t rush things, everything goes faster! In addition, we must understand that patience and inaction are not the same, and that patient attitude to life, not inaction characterizes the active and intelligent man.

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Taurus will be able to comprehend the fullness of life and achieve inner perfection, if you learn to appreciate yourself and be grateful for everything that gives it life. Taurus must know: no matter what happens around — the forces are in him.To educate and cultivate their soul’s good and true values for him are not so difficult, much more difficult to learn to use the resources that he has, and not to wait for something in the future. Taurus is a very important wealth – more than any other sign.


Extraordinary intelligence gives virgin the ability to maximize existing capabilities (instead of complaining about life), and gradually she must come to understand the wisdom of the Universe. Surprisingly, but to see the perfection of the world to the virgin helps her characteristic perfectionism and its related sisters pettiness and fault-finding.

When she uses her analytical skills only to find fault (instead of finding the benefits and reap the maximum benefit), is too critical to yourself in particular and to life in General, she robs herself. Her fate becomes a difficult test, and it can learn from virgin. The secret of happiness for Virgo is to use your perfectionism to find perfection in our world.


Sagittarius is the sign of inspiration, it always feels great. While another Fire sign, Leo, feels like a king, the Archer knows that he must fulfill the task given by the King. He feels that there is someone great who leads him to high goals. Sagittarius inevitably will go through periods of disbelief, when he thinks that his existence is meaningless, when life will seem to him painfully boring.

It is in these times he must learn to see Good and God in himself and in life. The sense of meaninglessness of life can cause depression, but at the same time is able to indicate to the Archer, what is its purpose and meaning. One of the main karmic task of Sagittarius is to overcome their passion for pleasures. “Eat, drink and be merry” – that’s the typical life motto.

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This sign must learn control and self-control. Capricorn discovers the real meaning of self-control when his main goals are not related to the external world and the internal. In other words, the Capricorn must understand that the most important thing is to learn to control their minds. Not to allow external circumstances to dictate what he should do, think or feel, and to choose for yourself – no matter what is happening around.

Composure – is self-sacrifice, is the ability to govern themselves, the ability to save power. When the Capricorn uses his determination to get rid of negative emotions, begin to treat everyone kindly, his inner wisdom and breadth of nature will help him to do much in any case.


Aquarius is usually sure that it is different from other and therefore have to live with yourself. But he performs one of his karmic task only when you learn to deal with their intolerance. He is proud of his open mind and that loves diversity.

He is an incorrigible idealist and expects from humanity very much. If people do not comply with the ideals of Aquarius, he was very much disappointed. He begins to suspect them of selfishness, that they behave specially. It is in these times Aquarius has to pass its most important test.


We all of the years of life we learn that sacrifice is sacred. For Fish, the truth is most important in life. Getting rid of negative traits of his character, developing and improving positive qualities we awaken his higher nature, which is Infinite Love. Some Pisces believe that self – sacrifice is martyrdom and victimization.

They begin to think (wrong) that you need to give it up – stop caring about themselves, about their own interests, not to protect what is dear to them, – all in order to seem a good man. But it’s not Sacred-Sacrifice – which means not just caring about himself.

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