For the money defrauded customers LCD Ministerial rented a cartoon for Russia – media

За деньги обманутых клиентов ЖК Министерский сняли мультфильм для России, - СМИ

Soon on the screens out cartoon “Clara and the magic dragon.” On the Ukrainian version of the car he produced in Ukraine and Bulgaria, according to the movie websites of Russia in France. But in both cases, the Director of the animation film – Alexander Klimenko. The one which draw in Ukraine for embezzlement of funds for construction of the LCD “Ministerial”

It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda.

Klimenko suspected of withdrawal of funds through its controlled company. The money invested by the Polish company PBG and buyers of apartments, and was not aimed at the completion of the last phase of the residential complex on the street kondratyuka. “Energopol-Ukraine”, a subsidiary of Polish developer who participated in the project, says the amount of UAH 500 million being spent on inappropriate projects or derived through different schemes.

One of these projects – the creation of the animated film”Clara and the magic dragon” in which Alexander Klimenko decided to make in Russia.

Klimenko owns 99% of the share capital of the company-non-resident “IMAGE PICTURES”, registered in Bulgaria, and is the ultimate beneficiary OOO “Image pictures” in Ukraine, which animalsproposition and release of the cartoon.

The cynicism of the situation is that the release of the cartoon for the stolen money, Klimenko still decided to further capitalize on it by selling the rights to broadcast in the Russian Federation — the aggressor country, with which Ukraine armed conflict. The money that will get Russian distributors will go to the state budget of the Russian Federation, thus, will be financed by the continuation of hostilities in the East of Ukraine.

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Another scheme Alexander Klimenko should attract the attention of law enforcement, the task of which is to prevent all forms of terrorist financing. And the proceeds from the rental of the cartoon should be directed to complete the construction of the LCD “Ministerial”, in which hundreds of Ukrainian families expect their apartments.