For the first time, the export of Ukrainian apples exceeded imports

Впервые экспорт украинских яблок превысил импорт

For the season 2017/18 years, Apple exports from Ukraine exceeded 42 thousand tonnes was a record

In July 2018, Ukraine exported 1.4 thousand tonnes of Apple, which is a new record this month and reflects the considerable progress the Ukrainian gardeners in infrastructure development of the horticultural business.

Analysts of UKRAINIAN fruit and vegetable ASSOCIATION (UPOA) note that the usual stocks of apples in Ukraine are exhausted in may, after which there are mostly apples from Poland and other EU countries. In the same year, Ukrainian growers not only supply the domestic market with Apple in the middle of summer, but it successfully exported.

In July 2018, compared with July last year, Apple exports from Ukraine grew 7.6 times, import of apples decreased 9 times. Thus, for the first time in July, Ukraine was a net exporter of apples.

Most farmers expect significantly higher prices for apples during this period. It was known that the Apple harvest in the EU in 2017 fell sharply, and Ukrainian growers have collected fewer high-quality apples. This led to the fact that manufacturers adhere to Apple until may, creating an artificial shortage, which contributed to the increase in prices, and in may began the implementation, which led to lower prices.

In June and July 2018, the prices were not as high as hoped for gardeners, because the market sold a record number of berries, the price of which was also a record low. That is why the farmers were forced to look for opportunities Apple sales outside the country, which contributed to export growth.

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If in 2017 for may-July, Ukraine exported a total of 200 tons of apples in the current year over the same period, exported nearly 7 million tonnes, or about 35 times more! In General, during the season 2017/18 years, Apple exports from Ukraine exceeded 42 thousand tonnes was a record.

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