For the first time in the history of Ukraine: rating Zelensky has broken all records

Впервые в истории Украины: рейтинг Зеленского побил все рекорды

The most recent poll, done by the end of September, showed the peak of the popularity of President Vladimir Zelensky

As reported at the Razumkov center, 70% of citizens approve of the President.

Clarifies that this figure is an absolute record in the history of Ukraine. The data concern the activities of the Verkhovna Rada – it now supports 44% of the population, and the party of the servant of the people – 50%.

Впервые в истории Украины: рейтинг Зеленского побил все рекорды

For comparison, the party of Poroshenko, the EU positively evaluated only 14%, and the negative – 59%. A similar ratio of the Fatherland, respectively 23% and 44%, and the party Voice – supported by 23%, and criticize – 35%.

Note that h the presidential party has differences. MPs are Servants of the people were divided in their opinions at the expense of the bill on the imperative mandate, which was initiated by their own party.

Disputes on account of this law even came to quarrels in the presidential political force.

Bill No. 1038, against whom strongly supported by some groups of the faction provides for the deprivation of the Deputy mandate, if he refuses to be a member of the party, from which he was elected, or wants to get out of this faction.

Впервые в истории Украины: рейтинг Зеленского побил все рекорды

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“Some groups categorically refused any kind to consider this bill. There are chat rooms was torn, strife was horrible, as there is another bill 1045 and deputies for him, no one said” —anonymous said the MP of SN.

Earlier on account of this law the Deputy of the Servants of the people told reporters that the Office of the President do not take into account their opinion.

“They have no regard for us”, — he said.

Also, according to one of the deputies of SN, Office of the President and the party leadership want to make the faction “is absolutely tame animals”.

Recall Zelensky gave an urgent order: today, Ukraine will change dramatically.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky today fulfilling the dreams of Ukrainians, has been waiting for years.

Also Politeka wrote that Palchevskogo smashed Verkhovna Rada for the new rates.