For the first time in 70 years, Italy has acquired the official national anthem

According to the decision of the constitutional Commission of the Senate of the Italian Parliament, written to words by the poet Goffredo Mameli “Song of the Italians” has become the first in the last 70 years the official anthem of the state. Until today, the song had an unofficial symbol of Italy.

Recall that since the formation of the Italian Republic (1946) valid but not fixed by law, the national hymn was “Hymn of Mameli”. The song is traditionally performed at public and sporting events, despite its absence in the Constitution of the country. Today Italy has got a national anthem specified in the legislation as “the song of the Italians”. It is noted that the author of the text of this composition is the legendary poet Goffredo Mameli, who lived in the XIX century.

Disputes about the official adoption of the national anthem in Italy did not cease with the 80-ies of the last century. At that time, as most people in the country staged the “Hymn of Mameli”, a certain part of society sought to achieve its replacement, to the tune of “Nabucco” from Giuseppe Verdi. Currently, opponents of the composition Mameli is almost gone.

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