For the 40 years of the Queen of Hearts: Upton the night

apercu-defile-lanternes-desjardins-deroulera(Upton) One might think that the streets are quiet Upton after nightfall. Maybe, but it certainly will not be the case tonight, so that the whole city will mark the 40 years the heart of the Lady of Theatre at a large lantern parade.

“For our 40th anniversary, the festival we wanted to do with the people of the region. Parading in Upton, but people will come for that matter, “the event coordinator, Pascal Vermette.

The concept of night parade was a hit last year in Drummondville. The heart of the Lady of the Theatre was designed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the municipality. “We thought: why not do it with us this year?” Says lead animator, head of the Centre of interpretation of Baroque puppet Alphonse Desjardins (CIMBAD) to the Lady of heart.

What awaits the spectators, so this is an impressive procession consisted of 300 lanterns held by so many human beings. There will be various sizes, and all will be illuminated in the LED inside.

“Everything will be white with colored lights,” illustrates Mr. Vermette. flowers, birds will be seen there, umbrellas, stars, characters … that float in the air to the sound of ambient music “to daydream”.

Among the 300 lanterns will parade 40 giant candles also in reference to this important stage in the life of the Lady of heart.

Made from paper, foam or plastic lanterns had occupied artisans Theatre for two months last year. These have been recovered and reconditioned for tonight’s event.

Upton Primary School students also had a hand in the dough this week to create new lanterns will be displayed all along the route of about 2.5 km.

The parade gets underway at the Theatre at 21h and headed for the village, take the streets Monsignor Desmarais, Lanoie, La Visitation and St. Ephrem, to return to the heart of Mother to 22h.


To maintain the joyful atmosphere of the parade, the organizers invited the formation Revenge Alice to offer an outdoor show directly on the theater’s website. “This is a group of ” covers ” festive, offering good French content. I wanted a show that moved! ”

When asked how many people he hopes to attract Pascal Vermette launches with humor the magic figure of “two or three million.”

And if it rains? “If there is a light rain, we can hold the parade because the lanterns can bear. In case of heavy rain and wind, we will celebrate anyway, but it will make it inside. Fortunately, great ad! ”

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