For schemes Kolomoisky “Tsentrenergo” loss of the state exceeded half a billion hryvnia – Korolchuk

Из-за схем Коломойского на "Центрэнерго" потери государства превысили полмиллиарда гривен, - Корольчук

Due to corruption schemes Kolomoisky state company “Centrenergo” has lost half a billion hryvnia. As reported by Ukrainian news, this was written by the expert on energy issues Yuri Korolchuk on his page in Facebook, commenting on the statement of company “Centrenergo” together since November, it will sell 90% of the produced electricity on the market “for days forward”.

The expert has noticed that “Centrenergo” in recent months has increased its production of electricity. In particular, according to the company, in October will be made on 71% more than in July 2019. According to Korolchuk, the increase is even more impressive, if you compare Oct 2018 Oct 2019 — during this period, production grew by 1.5 times. And not coincidentally, this growth took place at a time when the company supplied electricity to companies of businessman Igor Kolomoisky at reduced rates.

“The growth started from July 2019, when the power began under direct contract to” run “at the Nikopol ferroalloys plant Zaporozhye Ferroalloy plant, Dniproazot, Pokrovsky and Marganets GOK and already known as a pioneer in the import of Russian electricity United energy,” wrote Korolchuk.

The expert notes that these four months “Tsentrenergo” sell all electricity through bilateral contracts. “Kolomoisky received power on 25-60 kopecks per kWh cheaper Centrenergo had the opportunity to sell it on RDN “, — the expert explains and leads the chart of electricity prices during this period on the market.

According to the expert, for 4 months “Tsentrenergo” maximize the production of electricity to cheap to sell it to a tycoon. And as a result, according to preliminary estimates, the loss amounted to more than UAH 500 million.

Korolchuk believes that the decision “Centrenergo” since November to sell 90% of its electricity in the market “for days forward” is associated only with the fact that Kolomoisky is now getting cheap Russian energy and to bring to the bankruptcy of the state company he is now impractical.

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“Why Centrenergo is still on RDN since November? Because Kolomoisky is already import from Russia, from October 1 steady schedule flows to address only supplier, United energy. So “kill” Centrenergo in terms of lowering the cost of electricity in Kolomoisky makes no sense “, — the expert believes.

We will remind, before mass media published information that the state company “Centrenergo” has signed a contract for the purchase of Russian coal by 400 million UAH from Boryspil unknown firm, “Oil Force”, is the founder and Director of which is directly related to the activities of the group “Privat”. And “Centrenergo” buys coal at UAH 2,500 per tonne, considerably higher than the price calculated by the formula “Rotterdam +”, which is 1740 UAH per ton. At the same time produced from this coal electricity the company sells at a lower tariff (UAH 1,3 kW / h) enterprises owned by Igor Kolomoisky, while the cost of current is 1.9 UAH / kWh.

Some experts said that Igor Kolomoisky controls the state company “Centrenergo” and it introduced a corruption scheme that resulted in stolen state funds, and the company is artificially brought to bankruptcy.