For love or?

По любви или?

Morning. He and she in bed. More than fifteen years together and all they have is good, but something was missing. He told her:

— Let’s make love.

— I sleep.

— Come on now, and then going to sleep.

“Okay,” not waking up she says, then smiles and without opening his eyes he adds — a thousand rubles.

— Why so expensive?

I do not know. Prices are as follows.

— So it is necessary to know what you pay for. First time free should be. Come for free?

— No, only free the kids appear. Over two sleeps in the next room.

— And we will be protected.

— Well, when will then Wake up.

— Wake up.

— Good morning mom and dad ran into the room the boys are five and seven years.

— Good morning children! – greeted the kids mother, and then they ran away to wash.

— Well. Again had a disturbed tone summed up the husband.

— Why did not, see two running around. The night will love to twist free, but now a lot of other things.

Late in the evening of the same day. Husband lying on the sofa, watching TV. Enters the room wife.

A thousand cooking or by mutual agreement?

— Love, honey, love. Want daughter.

— Then for the cause — happy husband, and after a certain period of time she bore him a daughter and they lived happily ever after, raising three wonderful children.

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