Football : Real Madrid, the first crisis of the era of Zidane

Yesterday, at Wembley, after the defeat of the Real deal at Tottenham (3-1). The Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo have conceded their 2nd defeat in a row, a first since Zinedine Zidane is the coach.
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At Wembley on Wednesday in the late evening, the Real Madrid players returned to the locker room with his head bowed, letting some few gestures of annoyance. Bowing in the face of Tottenham (3-1) in front of more than 83,000 spectators, they have conceded their second defeat in a row, a first since the arrival on the bench of madrid of Zinedine Zidane, in January 2016.

The sports newspapers “pro-Real” are alarmist this on Wednesday morning : after the “nightmare at Wembley” (ACE), “the crisis has moved from la Liga to the champions League” (Marca). Indeed, if the qualification of the Real in the european competition is not compromised, the club advanced to the eight points of the leader, FC Barcelona, in the league. Never the people of Madrid have climbed such a gap and won the championship in the wake !

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Physical limitations after a month of August with a bang

To understand the flaws existing in the Real, it is necessary to put aside the political context that surrounds the club. The game on Sunday, facing the promoted Girona has mostly been presented as the opposition between, on the favorite clubs of Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime minister – and that of Carlos Puigdemont, the ousted president of Catalonia. Girona has won (2-1), but, beyond the symbolic aspect, this meeting has highlighted the physical limits of Madrid. The players would be the costs of a physical preparation programmed to be at their best from the month of August, which has enabled the club to win the Supercup of Europe (against Manchester United) and the super cup of Spain to face Barcelona.

Moreover, since the beginning of the season, Zidane has never been able to work with his group at large. Tottenham, Varane, Navas and Carvajal (hit the adductors), but also Carvajal and Bale (calf) were absent. Thus, the ” BBC ” (Bale-Benzema-Cristiano) has rarely been able to express themselves this season. The fans have surely enraged Tuesday night saw the last goal of the Londoners signed Eriksen, a model against confusingly similar to the three attackers as people have the habit of realizing when they are in shape and set on the ground.

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Tottenham smashed Real Madrid 3-1 ! A-doubled for Alli

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Marcelo in the penalty, Ronaldo’s full of doubt ?

In terms of performance, a different player seems to miss his start of the season : Marcelo. Twirling the last year and without doubt one of the best players of the last final of the champions League, the left side marks the not. Away from land for a month to treat a thigh injury, he then had to face prosecution for tax evasion relating to. On the lawn, the Brazilian is worth it : face-to-Girona, his team-mate Luka Modric has even criticized its placement on the ground.

But what are the performance of another player which pose more question : those of Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course, the Portuguese has marked Wednesday, his 6th goal in four matches of League of champions, which allows him to be the best scorer in the current competition, but in the championship it is at idle with only one goal in six games. If his physical condition is not in question, this lack of efficiency has a tendency to tense up the star striker, who shows up stressed and annoyed on the field.

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Cristiano Ronaldo top scorer in the Champions League

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Zidane not feel worried or worried

For the moment, on the other hand, Zinedine Zidane seems to have been spared by the critics. The coach of madrid, which provides “do not be anxious for the result,” acknowledges a certain slump of his players : “This is a bad time for us,” he explained Tuesday in a press conference. The French attempted a coup tactics in the face of Tottenham going to a defense with three without it having a positive impact for his team.

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Zidane : “Not worried about the result”

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And if the transfers of the last mercato offered a track in response to setbacks in the Real Madrid ? By assigning James Rodríguez (to Bayern Munich) and Álvaro Morata (in Chelsea), the club is separated to two substitutes of luxury, which offered the opportunity to unlock situations. Their replacements (Ceballos, 21 years old, and Mayoral, 20 years) still do not have the ability to be as effective and decisive when they enter the game.

Now, Real Madrid must especially after victory at all costs. After the reception, Sunday, Las Palmas, first relegation (18th), the people of Madrid meet Atlético just after the international break (Sunday, 19, at 17 hours, to suivre live commented on The They will have to rely on their assets which, in spite of the bad pass current, have never left us, as this ability unwavering to never give up, visible to Wembley. With more insight in the game and a zest for efficiency additional, Real Madrid will regain quickly its rank in order to defend its titles in Spain and on the european stage.

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