Football : France off the country of Wales

Griezmann has been the author of a good performance against the Welsh.


The team of France succeeded his first friendly match before the end of the World 2018 in dominant without forcing the country to Wales (2-0) in Saint-Denis. Antoine Griezmann (18th) and Olivier Giroud (71st) were the goal scorers for the evening. Off form in their clubs, two tauliers offensive of Blue to show that they have not lost in their performance in the national selection. Kylian Mbappé is another great satisfaction from this meeting and has gradually become a holder, non-reusable within the attack habs.

Didier Deschamps has said he wanted to give back to the confidence in Giroud and Griezmann – who live a first half of a difficult season with Arsenal and the Altético Madrid – establishing tonight ? If the first city has been pretty quiet in the game, and is especially distinguished by its purpose (the eighth in eight seats), the second has well operated its association with Mbappé, while crowning its good overall performance with a nice goal. Well served by Tolisso on a pass by bell, Griezmann beats the bouncer welsh a beautiful volley.

The opening of the score for l’ @equipedefrance ! Beautiful goal of@AntoGriezmann !#football #FRAGAL #Football #news #Griezmann

— Yo Football (@YoNewsFoot) November 10, 2017

Private of eight major players, the coach has, however, done little to turn his team-type at the kick-off to a few days of the match gala in the face of Germany. The entries in the game of new called in selection, in particular, Pavard (which is the pole in his first appearance) and Nzonzi, occurred in the second period. Nabil Fekir and Florian Thauvin have found the blue jersey after several months of scarcity.

What is it that has failed to Blue ? The realism especially, since the players of Didier Deschamps reached several times the amounts and fired more than fourteen times to the cages welsh. If Olivier Giroud had not scored his goal in the second period, it would have been the main target of criticism while Benzema is currently in place in the media.

The goal of Giroud

Video “Olivier Giroud Goal HD – France 2-0 Wales 10.11.2017 Friendly International” on via Dailymoti…

— spirit-football (@esprit_foot) November 10, 2017

The other question is whether France is going to be enterprising against Germany in the beginning of next week. Nothing is less certain when one knows the propensity of Deschamps to minimize risk in the face of a big bike. Wales, without Gareth Bale, and already eliminated from the World, was an opponent low, which cannot be used as indicative of the level of Blue.

The composition of Blue :

France : Mandanda – Jallet (46th, Pavard), Koscielny, Umtiti, Kurzawa – Tolisso (46th, Nzonzi), Matuidi – Coman (73rd, Martial), Griezmann, Mbappé (84th, Thauvin) – Giroud (73rd, Lacazette).

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Stadium Stade de France
Stadium Stade de France
International friendly – Stade de France

Friday 10 November 2017 to 21: 00 Referee : Manuel De Sousa





Score at half-time

  • 19 min.
  • Griezmann
  • 71 min.
  • Giroud



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  • The
  • The 2 goals
  • The 8 shares
  • The cardboard
  • The 8 changes
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  • React

Completed :

France, very logically, is necessary in the friendly against Wales (2-0). The Blues have largely dominated and could finish with a win much wider without their three strikes on the poles. The Dragons welsh have not shown much of anything this evening. This will surely be more complicated next Tuesday, in Germany.

90+2 min. :

The Country of Wales was still on a victory against France, in 1982 in Toulouse, thanks to the legend Ian Rush (0-1).

90 min. :

On a centre came from the right. Woodbum pounces at the back post to take a flight complicated. It is at the top.

87 min. :

As often in this kind of friendly matches, the 10 changes have broken the equilibrium in the collective. It does not do anything interesting on the technical level.

84 min. – Change:

Florian Thauvin, 10 minutes blue a year ago against the Side of Ivory, to the jeers and shouts. It replaces Kylian Mbappé, once again impressive this evening.

83 min. – Change:

Lawrence replaces Vokes for Wales.

80 min. – Opportunity for France:

Mbappé has hit again on the right and is used Pavard in the correct tempo. The n°19 succeeds his control and crosses his strike that fails… on the left post. Third amount so received by the French !

76 min. – Opportunity for France:

Mbappé is launching a series of dribbling into the area, but is countered at the last moment. The ball comes back on Umtiti, who do not pose a question to 20 meters and sends a missile… on the right post.

73 min. – Change:

Anthony Martial is also for the 5th change, the French, in place of Kingsley Coman.

73 min. – Change:

Alexandre Lacazette replaces Olivier Giroud, a striker at the moment.

72 min. :

On its 8 last tenure with the French national team, Olivier Giroud scored… 8 goals.

71 min. – Goal to France:

Launched right side, Mbappé accelerates and finally finds Giroud in the axis. Without momentum, the attacker of Arsenal wraps the left at the entrance to the surface. The ball is countered by Chester and takes Hennessey completely against the foot.

71 min. :

Good period for the Welsh, who get a corner on the right.

67 min. – Chance for Wales:

On a strike of 20 meters, Ramsey place a Madjer forcing Mandanda to a beautiful stop reflex. The ball returns to Gunter right side, strong center with the chalk line. Second parade Mandanda. Big blow warm in the defence of blue.

66 min. :

The three incoming side welsh combine… a selection.

65 min. :

Nzonzi is required of the head to the first post on a corner kick from Fekir, but can not find the setting.

65 min. – Change:

Double change for the Dragons, with the inputs of Woodbum (18), Brooks (20 years) and Ampadu (17 years), to the squares of Davies, Ledley and King.

63 min. – Change:

Very good this evening, and as the author of the only goal of the match, Antoine Griezmann comes in a nice standing ovation. Nabil Fekir replaces it.

59 min. :

Gunter does it all, with the arms and the body, to prevent Mbappé of the overflow. The fault was whistled against the young French striker…

58 min. :

Next Tuesday, the Blues will travel to Germany for a friendly game of prestige, while the Welsh will host the Panama.

55 min. :

Corner for France, on the left. It is played back and finally safe.

54 min. – Yellow card for Allen:

Cardboard for Joe Allen, author of a big mistake on Griezmann on an exchange to three of the French on the left.

51 min. :

It departed on the same bases, with the French ultra-dominant and Welsh conspicuously absent.

48 min. – Opportunity for France:

Superb acceleration of Coman, that puts a nice hit with a rebound, that just die on the outside of the left post welsh.

47 min. – Opportunity for France:

Served on the left side of the surface, Girdou apply for hit hard to the top left-hand corner. Hennessey is well-placed and pushes out for a corner.

47 min. – Change:

The first selection also for Steven Nzonzi, who entered the place of Tolisso.

46 min. – Change:

Benjamin Pavard, who plays in VfB Stuttgart, the surprise of this list, is entered in place of Jallet.

46 min. :

It is divided between France and the Country of Wales.

Half-time :

France, widely dominatrix, logically leads to the break against Wales (1-0). It is Griezmann who opened the scoring on a superb fly acrobatic, but the score could be much broader. It has virtually not seen the Dragons welsh.

45 min. :

Sublime sequence of passes in the first intention, in a very small space, between Griezmann and Matuidi, and then Mbappé. The n°7 commits the hook too rather than hit and finally loses the ball.

42 min. :

Gunter manages to push the ball of the head to his goalkeeper, under pressure from Matuidi, at the end of a new very good collective movement French.

39 min. :

Crocheted by Taylor, Mbappé gets a free kick interesting on the left, 30 metres away. Griezmann is in charge and is looking for the second post. The Welsh emerge as they can.

37 min. – Opportunity:

The Dragons develop a action on the left, and the defense blue hole on the center. Gunter arrives at the back post but too much on his striking and located directly in the gloves of Mandanda.

36 min. :

Semi-finalists in the last Euro, eliminated by Portugal after knocking out Belgium, the Welsh are hardly to see tonight. They can’t string together three passes and were not dangerous only once.

34 min. :

Griezmann tries to strike distant, without momentum. It is very largely out of context.

31 min. :

In the absence of Payet, injured, Fekir, on the bench, or absent long-standing Valbuena and Benzema, that is Griezmann that return the keys to the game the team of France. The striker from Atlético does everything : gets back on defence, construction, finish. A true leader.

29 min. :

Kingsley Coman is very much in view for 10 minutes, with a lot of percussion, but also a lot of waste in the final pass.

26 min. :

On the right, Coman place impressive acceleration that leaves Williams to the ground, but his centre in the end of the race is directly on Hennessey. The Blues were 3 against 2 in the axis.

25 min. :

A head in the extended position, Griezmann tries to deviate in the run of Giroud, but it is a little long and Hennessey can steal the ball.

21 min. :

Matuidi has a bit of space and tries his luck at the strength of the left foot. The ball is deflected for a corner.

19 min. – Goal to France:

At 40 meters, Tolisso place the ball in the box, in the back of the defense. Griezmann does not loose the ball of the eyes and throws himself for a volley of acrobatic extremely difficult. Hennessey commits a foul hand and goes to fetch the leather at the back of the net. Superb gesture !

17 min. :

Still a good collective movement of the Blues, which ends with a center Kurzawa left side. At the reception, Mbappé and Coman shy and this is the Bayern that place a head to one side.

16 min. :

Start dating largely to the advantage of the French, who dominate and provide many interesting situations. It has not yet seen the Welsh.

13 min. :

Ashley Williams ahead of Griezmann on the first proper center of Griezmann. Corner.

11 min. – Opportunity for France:

Launched on the right side of the surface, Mbappé hits hard to the ground. The ball passes between the legs of Hennessey, which is diverted by a miracle, it is not clear how, on his crossbar !

10 min. :

Giroud control in the area, but Mbappé comes launched and steals the ball to hit it. It is countered by Gunter.

09 min. – Opportunity for France:

On a perfect ball in the race, Griezmann, Tolisso finds himself in a perfect position, full axis to the entrance surface. The player of Bayern opens too his foot and does not catch the frame.

08 min. :

Double chance for Matuidi at the entrance to the surface. The first of the left. Region. The second from the right. In front of it.

06 min. :

At the entrance of the area, slightly right axis, Griezmann is in charge of the free kick. It is in the wall.

05 min. :

At the entrance of the area, Griezmann control of the head and takes the hand of Ledley in the face. Excellet free kick to follow for France.

04 min. :

The first centre is signed Kurzawa and pushed away easily by the defense red.

02 min. :

Contrary to what is stated on the match sheet, the Welsh are playing five behind.

01 min. :

It is gone at the stade de France between les Bleus and the Dragons of Wales, the whistle of the Portuguese Manuel De Sousa.

00 min. :

4-3-3 for wales by Chris Coleman, of which the great absentee is Gareth Bale, injured : Hennessey – Gunter, Williams, Chester, Davies – King, Allen, Ledley – Ramsey, Vokes, Taylor.

00 min. :

A few surprises in the starting eleven of the team of France, laid out in a 4-2-3-1 formation, with a duo Kurzawa-Coman on the left side, Jallet on the right of the defence and Mandanda in goal : Mandanda – Kurzawa, Umtiti, Koscielny, Jallet – Matuidi, Tolisso – Coman, Griezmann, Mbappé – Giroud.

00 min. :

Patrice Evra, that we imagined some to go to the World Cup there a few months ago, as dean of the group, and “captain of the locker room”, will probably not Moscow. Authors of performance catastrophic with the OM, he has just been sacked by his club after hitting a bear.

00 min. :

In group D, the Welsh could not get better than 3rd place with 17 points, ahead of Austria (15), Georgia (5) and Moldova (2), but behind Ireland, 19 points and barragiste against Denmark, and Serbia qualified directly with 21 points.

00 min. :

In group A, France has taken 23 points (7 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat), ahead of Sweden (19) – who face Italy in the dam, the netherlands (19), disposed, Bulgaria (13) Luxembourg (6) and Belarus (5).

00 min. :

This meeting takes place at the same time that the dams, which affect only the teams having finished amongst the best in second.This is not the case in either France, first and already qualified for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, or Welsh, the third of their group and eliminated.

00 min. :

Hello and thank you for joining us for follow live commentary of the friendly match between France and Wales. The kick-off will be given to 21h.

Composition of the teams.























Starting eleven : 4-4-2


Starting eleven : 3-5-2


The match

The Goals

19 ‘
: Griezmann
71 ‘
: Giroud


19 ‘
: Tolisso
71 ‘
: Mbappé

The Cardboard

Allen : 54’

The Changes

46 ‘
: Tolisso Nzonzi
46 ‘
: Jallet Pavard
63 ‘
: Griezmann Fekir
73 ‘
: Giroud Lacazette
73 ‘
: Coman Martial
84 ‘
: Mbappé Thauvin

Ledley Ampadu : 65 ‘

King Brooks : 65 ‘

Davies Woodburn : 65 ‘

Vokes Lawrence : 83 ‘

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