Football : Blues frustrated by Germany

Mbappé and Özil could not be separated in Cologne (2-2).


The Blues end the year on a good note. After a qualification obtained laboriously, and then the construction of the game offered little of what to get excited about, the French team went for a draw that was full of promise in Germany (2-2) at the end of a performance, which is encouraging. Not without a certain bitterness, since they have conceded the equalizer at the end of the additional time, thereby to combine the so with the result.

And if this team did not have the ideal characteristics to interfere with the Mannschaft ? In a handful of seconds, the champion of the world would have seen his series of 17 matches without victories – including 10 victories in 10 matches of the playoffs – stop. His last defeat, it was precisely against France at the end of a semi-final that she had thoroughly dominated.

On Tuesday, Germany still had the upper hand in the game most of the time. But if the territorial domination and in terms of possession was well in to its credit, the debate has been much more balanced in terms of use of the ball. This is certainly where lies the major lesson for these Blues, from a collective point of view : dominate is not an end in itself, and it may well be that the style being demonstrated this evening by the men of Didier Deschamps to serve as a working basis for the next elections.

The attack shines

Prepared to undergo, France has however made life hard for his opponent in the first period. Because if Özil has quickly sought Mandanda (3rd), after which it is Trapp, holder in cages German, which is highlighted in front of Lacazette (19th), and Mbappé (32nd), while Matuidi had found the external thread (7e). It is finally the attacker of Arsenal, who took advantage of his tenure by opening the score. The Gunner has enjoyed an excellent working Martial following a beautiful collective movement to open the brand up close (0-1, 34).

The influence of German, a bit sterile in the 1st period, was intensified then. And after a loss of ball French mishandled by Werner (41st) and then a recovery, not framed Rüdiger (53rd), the front-centre of Leipzig is gone even on a counter where Özil was again demonstrated his knowledge of the pass (1-1, 56th). Germany continued to enjoy the portion of land French, even if Martial has initiated a first reply, from far away (58th), in which Kroos responded with a free-kick surgical on the bar (71st). The attacker of Manchester United would have been able to punctuate his fine performance with a goal with more conviction (90th). Evil he has done, because a few seconds later, Stindl equalised from close range after a combination with another incoming, Götze (2-2, 90e). The conclusion of an evening that would have been more beautiful still, as the pleasure of a victory against Germany, not sulks not.

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Stadium RheinEnergieStadion
Stadium RheinEnergieStadion
International Friendly – RheinEnergieStadion

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 20: 45 cet Referee : Cüneyt Çakir





Score at half-time

  • 56 min.
  • Werner
  • 90 min.
  • Stindl
  • 34 min.
  • Lacazette
  • 71 min.
  • Lacazette



  • The
  • The
  • The 4 goals
  • The 8 shares
  • The cardboard
  • The 8 changes
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  • React

Completed :

At the end of a very good game of football, with Germany and France split on a draw in Cologne. Twice, Lacazette had given the advantage to the Blues (34′, 71′), but the German team never gives up and Werner first (56′) and then Stindl at the very end of the match were equalized (90+2′). There will be a lot of good things to keep the game to France for the World Cup in Russia in six months.

90+2 min. – Goal for Germany:

Last action for Germany, who takes his time to conduct an attack placed. Götze inherits the ball to the edge of the area, right side, and place a marvel discount without control in the race of Stindl. In front of goal, the no. 13 adjusts Mandanda flush to the right post and the Germany even !

90 min. – Opportunity for France:

Martial accelerates in the-axis, and shifts Mbappé, who put him back in the race. In a perfect position at the penalty spot, the no. 20 is completely lacking his typing, picked up easily by Kevin Trapp.

88 min. :

Beautiful combination on the left between Tolisso and Martial, evil entered into by the Mancunien, with a center too close to Trapp.

87 min. – Yellow card for Wagner:

Has just entered, Wagner is cautioned for a nasty foul on Benjamin Pavard. A red would not have been stolen on this gesture very dangerous.

86 min. – Change:

Another change with the entry of “Heron”, Sandro Wagner (1m94), which replaces Timo Werner, a scorer tonight.

83 min. – Change:

Lars Stindl, revealed during the Confederations Cup (final goal), takes the place of Emre Can.

82 min. – Change:

New change blue, with the entry of Kurzawa in place of Lucas Digne.

79 min. :

Good sequence of French, mainly of conservation and projection towards the front, but that prevents the Germans from doing anything.

76 min. – Change:

The output of the Juventino Sami Khedira, replaced by Sebastian Rudy, a young hope of the Bayern Munich.

75 min. – Change:

Author of a beautiful doubled, Alexandre Lacazette give up his place to Antoine Griezmann, holder’s usual position.

73 min. :

The last goal in the blue of Lacazette before this game went back to 2015 and a game against Denmark. On the way, the Nords are becoming widely in Ireland and to validate their ticket to the World Cup.

72 min. :

Dominated since the recovery, the France team is doing well with this goal in hand, the second for Lacazette tonight.

71 min. – Goal to France:

Served full axis, Mbappé raises the head and benefits the poor alignment of the German defence to send Lacazette on orbit. The striker of Arsenal is establishing Trapp and him place the leather between the legs. Doubled to him, and France come again in front of !

70 min. – Opportunity for Germany:

Toni Kroos is in charge of the free kick and curls a wonderful strike that just type the underside of the crossbar before being deflected by the fingertips by Mandanda, and author of a soaring masterful.

69 min. :

Bad return defensive Lacazette on Draxler, which offers a free kick, interesting to the Germans, slightly to the left at 25 yards.

68 min. :

The Germans took control of the match from the back of the locker room and dominate quite extensively now. The Blues can no longer be content with a few cons.

67 min. :

Corner to France, and always played both. Always without danger.

65 min. – Change:

Mario Götze, only scorer of the final of the 2014 World Cup, found the Mannschaft after a famine. It replaces Ilkay Gündoğan.

64 min. – Change:

A Double change on the French side, with the outputs of Matuidi and Jallet, replaced by the two new kids in the blue group : Steven Nzonzi and Benjamin Pavard.

62 min. :

Shifted by Rüdiger, Plattenhardt address a perfect center between the defence and the goalkeeper. Varane is thrown and passes close to scoring against his camp. The corner does nothing.

60 min. :

Mbappé up to 60 feet as a bolt of lightning, but lack of support in the vicinity of the surface. He gets a corner on the left, which gives nothing.

58 min. – Opportunity for France:

Martial throws a strike sudden 20 yards that bounces just in front of the goal and file flush to the right post. Superb cuff Trapp to concede a corner.

56 min. – Goal for Germany:

Özil leads the against German and waiting for the right moment to launch perfectly Werner in the back of the defence, slightly left axis. The n°11 control and adjusts Mandanda to the ground. What a vista of Mesut Özil.

55 min. :

Weather Point. It’s raining since the middle of the first period, stronger and stronger.

55 min. :

Served back at the game at 35 meters, Mbappé turns and attempts to strike rolled away. It is far above.

53 min. – Opportunity for Germany:

Draxler accelerates on the left and break the kidneys from Jallet with its trims of front legs to center back. Kroos misses the ball and Rüdiger, close-up, harvesting its recovery.

52 min. :

Free-kick for the German team, on the right, 35 yards out. Özil is in charge and is looking for the second post. Without success.

50 min. :

Plattenhardt overflows on the left and strong center. Jallet conceded a corner that produces nothing.

48 min. :

The German, winner of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, have also won the Confederations Cup this year, with a team almost C. Their only defeat in recent years in official match, it was against France in 1/2 final of Euro 2016.

47 min. – Change:

Mats Hummels, excellent in the first period, was replaced by Antonio Rüdiger, defender of Chelsea.

46 min. :

It is divided between Germany and France.

Half-time :

France leads the break in Germany, thanks to the goal scored by Alexandre Lacazette at the end of a superb collective movement (34′). The German team has shown at several time hard that she was quite capable of worrying the Blues, but the team of France will be able to keep this first period, on the lawn of the Champions of the World as a reference.

45 min. :

Süle tries his luck from a distance, slightly offset to the right. The power is there, but not the accuracy.

44 min. :

We hear a lot of French fans in the stands in Cologne this evening.

41 min. :

An against favourable to Werner to win the ball back to the edge of the area, the full axis. Without momentum, it rolls right, but finds Mandanda on the path.

41 min. :

The Germans go against four, but lose speed pass after pass. Has the stop at the left angle of the surface, Can used Draxler in withdrawal, which strikes directly in the gloves of Mandanda.

39 min. – Opportunity for Germany:

Fully launched in depth by Özil, Werner did not dare to go to go to the end of its stroke opposite the exit of the bullet from Mandanda. The doorman French misses the ball but Varane has made the effort and just stop going to the bottom.

36 min. :

The Germans have called for an offside on the goal, but even with the numerous replays, it’s hard to say if Can covered Lacazette or not at the time of the offset of Martial. Pocket handkerchief.

34 min. – Goal to France:

Exceptional goal of the Blue ! On the right, Matuidi address a centre stretched on Worthy to the opposite, that calls to flight, on Martial the penalty spot. Perfect control, double-touch to remove Hummels and caviar for Lacazette, who finishes into the empty net. Sublime !

32 min. – Opportunity for France:

Served on the left, to the edge of the area, Mbappé enrhume two players with his so beautiful feint strike, but stumbles on Trapp, his partner at PSG.

32 min. :

New decisive intervention from Mats Hummels on a good center to the line of Martial, under the threat Lacazette.

28 min. :

The Blues go against 3 against 2 with Martial wand, full axis. The Mancunien forget Mbappé on its right side, which does not inherit from the leather after a against positive. His strike goes over. Very poorly played the part of Anthony Martial.

28 min. :

Time for Germany, which puts the pressure near the surface, but bute systematically on a defense huddled up.

24 min. :

After a begins German, the French have dominated for ten minutes. The game is balanced, and the pace is more calm now.

22 min. :

In the group C of the qualifications, Germany has managed an exceptional 10 out of 10, with only victories. For the first time since Spain in 2009, just before his world title. The German team is even better than la Roja in terms of differences in goals, with a balance of +39 (43 goals for, 4 against). The opponents of the Germans in that group were Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Azerbaijan and san Marino.

19 min. – Opportunity for France:

Alexandre Lacazette comes off to get ahead of Gündogan and recover the ball in the centre circle. It accelerates full axis and takes advantage of the calls from its partners to open a strike angle, 20 meters. It is framed but the Door pushes away for a corner.

17 min. :

Toni Kroos, who came to seek it, gets a free kick interesting on the left, to about 35 meters. The spaniard moves on the ball and seeks Hummels, as in Brazil 2014. This time, Varane won the duel of the head.

15 min. :

Great start to the meeting, on the plan of the intensity, intentions and technical quality. For a friendly match, it is rather rare.

13 min. – Opportunity for France:

Corner to France, got on the left. It is played with two and Matuidi can serve as a Worthy one that happens to be launched. His strike crushed not concerned about Kevin Trapp.

13 min. :

Superb tackle from Hummels before Mbappé, launched in the area by Matuidi.

12 min. :

The French fight on the left, to three, and come out with a ball that sails to Jallet on the opposite side. The centre of Nice is countered, before a whistle blew in favour of Germany.

10 min. :

On a second ball, Draxler tries to play quickly to Özil, in a position of out of the game.

08 min. :

Tolisso shifts still Mbappé, who centre at the back post to volley difficult to Matuidi. It is in the small net.

07 min. :

Kevin Trapp, owner this evening with the German team, not playing at all with the PSG. A situation that may not last if he wants to play the World Cup, according to Andreas Köpke, head coach of the guards of the selection germanic.

06 min. :

After a very good control-oriented, Tolisso clears the two players and launches Mbappé on the right, the centre of which is countered.

06 min. :

The beginning of the meeting entirely to the advantage of the Germans, who take the ball and themselves very easily in the last 25 metres.

05 min. :

Mounted very high on his wing, Plattenhardt manages to focus strong to the ground for Werner, who stumbles over Mandanda. It was in any way out of the game.

04 min. :

With 2 217 supporters on the outside, the blue fans beat a record tonight.

03 min. :

Return very rude to Umtiti on Werner, on the surface, after a first attack that is placed by the Germans. The referee said nothing.

01 min. :

It is party in Cologne between Germany and France, the whistle of the Turkish Cüneyt Çakır.

00 min. :

The French team has lost two games in 2017, in the friendly against Spain (0-2) and Sweden in the qualifiers (2-1). Since then, they have chained 5 wins and a draw surprising in the face of the valiant Luxembourg (0-0).

00 min. :

Germany remains on a draw 0-0 in England, which bears his series of invincibility to 17 meetings in a row. The Germans have not lost since the famous semi-final of Euro 2016 against France.

00 min. :

This is a match gala this evening between the two best enemies of european football. The last meeting between the two teams dates back to July 7, 2016, in the semi-final of the Euro, for a French victory, the first official competition since 1958 (2-0).

00 min. :

This match is played in the RheinEnergieStadion in Köln (Cologne). This is not the first time for France, who had beaten Togo in the last group game of the 2006 World Cup (2-0).

00 min. :

Hello and thank you for joining us for follow live commentary of the friendly match between Germany and France. The will kick off at 20.45.

Composition of the teams.























Starting line-up : 4-2-3-1


Starting line-up : 4-3-3


The match

The Goals

56 ‘
: Werner
90 ‘
: Stindl

Lacazette : 34 ‘

Lacazette : 71 ‘


56 ‘
: Özil
90 ‘
: Götze

Martial : 34 ‘

The Cardboard

87′ : Wagner

The Changes

46 ‘
: Hummels Rüdiger
65 ‘
: Gündogan Götze
76 ‘
: Khedira Rudy
83 ‘
: Can Stindl
86 ‘
: Werner Wagner

Jallet Pavard : 64 ‘

Matuidi Nzonzi : 64 ‘

Lacazette Griezmann : 75 ‘

Digne Kurzawa : 82 ‘

The Confrontation







1 – 2


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