Food that will help to preserve youthfulness of skin

Еда, которая поможет сохранить молодость кожи

On the skin seriously affect not only external factors but also what we eat. Nutrition is extremely important for a person who are watching their health. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to the females, because due to various dishes it is possible to achieve perfect skin. That it is possible to eat, to have had a beneficial effect on the skin, will tell you in this article.

Useful for skin products



This vegetable is very nutritious ingredients: avocado contains vitamins A, D, E and K. it Also has a lot of potassium, chlorine, iodine, iron and other essential people elements. This vegetable is extremely beneficial for the skin hair. Not only can you consume it as food, but to prepare it on the basis of the mask, which will help you to attain smooth skin.


This fruit is the basis of many creams, lotions, sprays and other cosmetics. And it’s no wonder, because kiwi is rich in vitamin C. it Also contains large amount of vitamins of groups b, E and A, and magnesium, sodium, iron, mineral salts of potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

You need to consume kiwi as often as possible. You can also prepare masks and scrubs based on it. This will help you to gain beautiful skin of face, neck and chest. To do this, carefully mix the chopped kiwi fruit with two tablespoons of yogurt, a few drops of almond oil, honey and sea salt. This mix can be rubbed into the skin, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm water.

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Dairy products

The beauty of the skin is directly related to bowel health. Therefore, its condition must be carefully monitored. And this may help in dairy products. They contain useful substances that can have a beneficial effect on the bowel, and indeed the whole digestive tract.


The meat contains chicken protein. Its positive feature is that it has a beneficial effect General condition of the skin and participates in the regenerative processes. So, it is beneficial to consume beef, which contains a lot of zinc and of vitamin B2. This kind of meat can help prevent the formation of wrinkles, sores on the skin and cracks.


Herbs also affect the beauty of the skin. Thyme, for example, has a tonic effect. It also contains disinfectants. Therefore, decoctions of this herb can be used as a tonic for the skin. In addition, it is recommended to drink tea from this herb, since it will produce on the body toning and rejuvenating effect and also help to fight various infections and viruses.


In seafood and fish contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They are able to protect cell membrane and improve skin elasticity and blood circulation. Especially useful to a person who cares about the beauty of the skin, there are mackerel, sardines, herring, salmon and tuna.


This vegetable is full of antioxidants that prevent aging of the skin and increase its elasticity. Therefore, each girl to include broccoli in your diet to achieve amazing results.


Carrot is a source of vitamin A and carotenoids. This will allow us to improve the quality of the skin. The fact that Nutritionists say that you should regularly drink carrot juice. This allows you to achieve the perfect colour.

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In lemon, it is widely known that contains a lot of vitamin C. Thanks to its regular consumption, you can achieve smooth skin and to get rid of age spots and discolorations.

Green tea

About the benefits of green tea legends. Indeed, it can be very helpful to improve your health. But it is also useful for skin. The fact that this drink contains antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. This allows you to prevent premature aging of the skin.


Nuts are very beneficial for the skin due to the content of vitamin E. they are rich in almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts. This vitamin helps to protect the skin from damage due to oxidative stress and promotes healthy skin renewal.

Vegetable oil

Again, these products are very useful for skin as it contains a lot of vitamin E. this element is Particularly rich in sunflower oil and corn oil.


Clean liquid is very useful for skin as it gives it elasticity. Even with a small shortage of water can dry up the skin, because of what she will look tired, ashen, and the touch — dry. Every day you need to drink at least half liter of water. It is better to drink water, but at least come juices, teas, fruit drinks, herbal infusions.

Brazil nuts

We have identified the nuts in a separate category, as it is selenium. This component prevents cancer, the formation of senile spots, skin damage under the action of sunlight. And the best way to saturate your body with selenium are Brazil nuts. Only four of these every day will cover the daily rate. So much selenium is in wheat germ, tomatoes and broccoli.

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Flaxseed oil

Linseed oil and flax seeds contain a lot of unsaturated fatty omega-3 acids. They have anti-inflammatory effect and are beneficial to skin health. Especially useful are these products to people diagnosed with eczema or psoriasis.

Foods with a low glycemic index

Slow carbs, which is full in bean products, oatmeal, will help the skin condition. They release sugar into the blood gradually, which is much healthier junk food. They allow you to stock up on energy for the long term. But sweet foods will produce insulin which leads to damage of collagen. And this, turn, will lead to wrinkles.

Whole grains

In whole-grain products, lots of zinc, which is responsible for healthy functioning of the sebaceous glands, as well as to prevent damage to the skin. Thanks to zinc, the skin stays soft and supple. Also a lot of zinc is in nuts and seeds.

Harmful foods for your skin

You should eliminate from your diet food and drinks, which cause dehydration and intoxication of the organism. Also do not need to eat products that contribute to destruction of skin cells. The list includes smoked products, canned, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and dried technical way the dried fruit and products with additives “E”.


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