Flying mobile phone towers in the US came up with a stroke of genius, it will change life

Летающие вышки мобильной связи: в США придумали гениальный ход, это изменит жизнь

Aircraft military helicopters to drones, will turn into a flying mobile towers that support 4G

To razarbotke such system has already started an American company Nice Network Systems to develop. This writes C4ISRNET.

The main objective of development is to increase the coverage of military cellular network, which will allow soldiers to obtain data on the position of forces on the battlefield, and from surveillance cameras in real time.

Летающие вышки мобильной связи: в США придумали гениальный ход, это изменит жизнь

The system is developed on the basis of HeloSat, a network that provides communications via satellites.

It is known that at the same time to one “tower” installed on the aircraft, can connect up to 100 devices. Other details about the development were not disclosed.

Earlier it was reported that a group of deputies from “public Servants” want to oblige the Ukrainian to enter into with the operators of the contracts and to specify your personal data.

Offer to do in order to improve control in the sphere of electronic communications. The corresponding bill published on the Parliament website.

The document proposes the introduction of key changes to the information and telecommunication market of Ukraine, in particular the national register of unique identifiers IMEI-codes.

According to the authors of the bill, innovation would prevent offences, reduce potential pressure on subscribers and reduce the number of their inspections.

In addition, the document will cancel the licensing of activities in telecommunications, introduced the procedure of submission of documents to the national regulator in electronic form, to block so-called “gray phone”.

Recall also phone scammers have come up with a new way to deceive the gullible Ukrainians.

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People are faced with a new fraudulent scheme that is associated with mobile phones. The fact that the attackers are trying to get money by using the fake SMS messages.

Летающие вышки мобильной связи: в США придумали гениальный ход, это изменит жизнь

The scammers send a message that says the user’s account here, and then they ask to get your money back. The speculators start to press on pity and to write what they really want their money, which they allegedly mistakenly sent to your account.

“God made a mistake and translated you 50 UAH. Please ago. Dotsyu to the hospital taken away, and we were in the village the terminal is not running,” wrote crook.

Netizens also commented and noted that they also received similar messages.

Recall that Zelensky has announced reforms for pensioners, the nightmare will end.

As reported Politeka, workers blatantly lied to the residents: the residents of the capital will return millions of hryvnia.

Also Politeka wrote that gas prices could soar: the Zelensky was struck by the statement.