Flood: the weather forecasters have dramatically changed the weather, “before happy”

Зальет: синоптики резко изменили прогноз погоды, "рано радовались"

Weather in Ukraine may 16, will satisfy the most discriminating tastes — today weather depending on the region will be quite different: forecasters predict heat, thunderstorms with squalls

According to the meteorologist, the most unfavorable weather in Ukraine may 16, will be in the West, in the Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia oblasts, where due to strong wind 15-20 m/s and heavy rains declared I (yellow) level of risk.

East wind speed may 16 will reach 5-10 m/s.

Weather in Ukraine may 16:

West — heavy rains and thunderstorms. + 12-14 night + 19-21 day.

The Carpathians , a powerful rain and thunderstorms. + 9-11 night + day 14-16.

North — + 11-13 at night, + 23 to 25 a day. Rains and thunderstorms in Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions. The remaining area of the region is clear and without precipitation.

East — Sunny and hot. + 12-14 night + day 26-28.

Center — thunderstorms, except Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions, where it will be clear without rain. + 13-15 a night, +25-27 day.

South — Zaporizhia and Kherson region — dry and Sunny, Odessa and Nikolaev — thunderstorms. At +13-15, + 26-28.

The Crimean Peninsula is + 14-16 night, 24-26 day. Partly cloudy and light rain.

Weather in Kiev on 16 may will be warm but wet. Night 14-16, the day 24-26. Thunderstorms.

Recall that the elements are collapsed on monay, it’s all under water: photos of the flood.

As reported Politeka, weather in Ukraine will surprise in this heat: +28, but there is one “but”.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather in Ukraine will change dramatically: “the perfect weekend”.