Flavie Flament evokes the movie adapted from his book upsetting – Here

In the framework of the Festival of la Rochelle, Flavie Flament came to speak of the adaptation to television of his book The Consolation.

Last year, Flavie Flament has revealed in his book The Consolationqu’she was raped by a famous american photographer when she was still a teenager. An episode traumatic in the life of the moderator who has moved many people. And for good reason, Flavie Flament had completely overshadowed its drama for nearly 25 years, the victim of a traumatic amnesia, which meant that she had no memory. Several years after the fact, the images are back after a long work with a psychologist.

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This Friday, September 15, the telefilm Consolation, adapted from the book by Flavie Flament and directed by Magaly Richard-Serrano, was presented at the Festival of the tv fiction at La Rochelle. In the columns of the Parisian newsstands this Saturday, September 16, the facilitator, who has recently unveiled a photo with his son, returned at length on this feature : “I’ve looked at Poupette as another, and this tv film as an object, even if it is my story. It has the sake of being faithful to reality in every detail. I was extremely touched, ” she said to our colleagues.

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At the beginning, however, she had not considered a tv movie about his story : “in The beginning, I had not imagined an adaptation to the television. The pen has been my weapon to pass on a message, and denounce a predator that I could not bring it before the courts due to the statute of limitations. Then, I was offered the telefilm which will be followed by a debate, which was essential for me. I saw in this film was a way of bringing the message, to provoke discussion, reach out, ” she revealed. And to add : “I hope that we will be able to find a favorable outcome in the next two years to change the law. ”

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