Five useful components to face in the cold season

We know how to survive the cold without redness, flaking, irritation and exacerbation of rosacea.

П&#039ятірка корисних компонентів для обличчя у холодну пору року

Here is a list of cosmetic ingredients, without which it can not do in late autumn and winter, informs Rus.Media.

Shea butter

Almost no winter cream for the face, hands or body is not complete without Shea butter (Shea butter). This feature can also be found in almost every lip balm. All because Shea butter can strengthen the lipid mantle of the skin. This is the only oil which on 80% consists of triglycerides, which function as barrier between the skin and corrosive to the environment and retain maximum amount of moisture. What is more reliable the lipid barrier, the easier the skin tolerates temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, snow and dry indoor air.

Shea butter contains saturated fatty acids, posterai, allantoin, vitamin a, F, E, D. It has high healing properties, helps to soothe the skin and remove the peeling. In the oil are natural oils, which in winter does not hurt.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera can be a winter alternative to hyaluronic acid. The last component perfectly moisturizes and retains moisture inside the skin, but some experts are convinced that in winter, in a dry and heated room, it can have another effect. For example, hyaluronic acid is only useful at a humidity of about 70%. In conditions of low humidity there is a risk that the molecules of hyaluronic acid will pull moisture from the skin to the surface and give to the atmosphere. As a result, the skin will suffer from dryness. Some cosmetologists do not recommend to use products with hyaluronic acid in the winter, but other comfort and even insist on their application. They suggest “close” means hyaluronic acid creams are dense, not to allow moisture to evaporate.

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If you are unsure, you can use products with aloe Vera juice. This ingredient has a moisturizing qualities and can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and form a film on the skin from natural polysaccharides. An important feature of natural aloe polysaccharides: they possess “transport” capabilities and is able to not only retain moisture, but “stretch” the inside of the skin other active components. In addition, aloe Vera contains allantoin, which soothes irritation and redness that the cold period is important.


This is an improved and more stable analogue of a substance called squalene, which produces our skin. Due to the natural squalene it stays soft, hydrated and smooth. But after 25 synthesis of squalene is rapidly declining. Well, now scientists have learned to synthesize it and return our skin in cosmetic formulas. Cream containing squalane, an immediate sensation of softness and smoothness. Squalane absorbs perfectly, leaves no oily Shine prevents moisture loss. In the winter he literally rescues dry, sensitive skin. Another big plus squalane – it is not comedogenic and is suitable for combination skin.

Centella asiatica

This component has been booming in cosmetology. Popular creams with the prefix “Sisa” means that the composition is Centella asiatica known for its repairing properties. Red itchy spots on face and hands that peel and from which it is difficult to remove in the winter quite a force to overcome by using CEC-cream or CEC-balm. Centella moisturizes and soothes.


In the cold time of year, many of us become owners of spider veins on the face. Why does it happen in winter or fall? From sharp difference of temperatures, as well as through the inevitable move from the warm to cold and back the vessels are sharply narrowed and expanded. The walls of the small capillaries can not withstand this load, which leads to microreserves. So there is rosacea. Treat it with makeup impossible, but to strengthen blood vessels and prevent damage – is quite real. This will help the component of rutin (vitamin P). It strengthens blood vessels, reduces their permeability and excellent works in tandem with vitamin C. a Good bonus of vitamin P it removes puffiness.

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