Five signs of a painful old age: experts tell who will have a hard time

Пять признаков болезненной старости: эксперты рассказали, кому придется несладко

The old default is associated with diseases, but it’s not too late to change and spend a healthy old age

For many people old age is a synonym for “disease.” This is true, because over time our bodies wear out, the immune system is weak and there is a whole bunch of unpleasant symptoms of old age.

However, this is not for all: many can remain in good health to a ripe old age, while some begin to suffer age-related conditions in the 60.

The experts unanimously agreed on the opinion that these 5 symptoms may be harbingers of a “difficult” age.

Пять признаков болезненной старости: эксперты рассказали, кому придется несладко

Who is most susceptible to severe illness in old age:

People with obesity: 7.9% of victims of excess weight have all chances to encounter serious problems in old age, while among healthy people, this percentage amounts to 2.7.

A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of various kinds of diseases to 6.2%, down from 2.5% in people with normal weight.

Smokers are at increased risk of fragility in old age is 5.4%, whereas among non-smokers is 3.5%.

Elevated levels of interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein is also a few percent increased such danger.

5.5 percent are divorced, single or widowed people to face disability in old age and among those who live with the second half, their only 2.5%.

We will note, earlier scientists from the University of North Carolina shared the secret of how to feel younger in old age.

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“Older people feel younger if feel control over their daily lives. The greater this control, the younger people feel themselves,” stated the study authors.

Пять признаков болезненной старости: эксперты рассказали, кому придется несладко

Their project involved a group of elderly people aged 60-90 years, and the group of people aged 18-36 years. For a certain period every day people took a questionnaire that allowed to record their stress levels and physical condition. In addition, researchers were interested in the degree of control to participants over their everyday life, as well as the internal perception of the volunteers his age (how old they feel).

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As reported Politeka, hormones can affect the skin condition that the doctors told what to do.

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