Five reasons to give up alcohol after a workout

Пять причин отказаться от алкоголя после тренировки

There are at least five reasons that made you resign after a workout from alcohol

Sometimes some athletes to relax and recover, drink beer. Alcoholic beverages are found even at the finish line of major marathons and Ironman. The experts decided to find out what happens to the body when a person drinks alcohol after heavy physical exertion.

The load for the liver

The liver is responsible for the withdrawal of all by-products of metabolism, formed during a hard workout or race. Drinking alcohol, the person causes the liver to metabolize alcohol, thereby slowing down the recovery process.

Пять причин отказаться от алкоголя после тренировки

“Instead of destroying the lactate and convert it to glucose and replenish glycogen stores, the liver is busy with the production of enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase to clean the body of alcohol,” says Evelyn Parr, specialist for physical activity and nutrition at the Australian Catholic University.

Bol muscle

During heavy physical work your muscles are inevitably exposed to micronation. Proper nutrition and sleep to restore muscles and relieve pain the next morning. Much alcohol will prevent that process.

“If you drink alcohol, especially in large doses, the body is not so effectively produces new proteins, which are the building blocks of muscles. At the same time even though you ate something rich in protein,” — said the expert.


If the next day you have scheduled one more exercise, alcohol consumption will not allow us to do our best. Doctors note: alcohol decreases muscle strength after heavy loads.

“This is probably due to a violation rate of synthesis of muscle proteins, which leads to slower recovery,” says Parr.

Dthe deficit, leading to fluid

After a grueling work the body loses a lot of liquid, and you risk getting dehydrated. Alcohol will only aggravate this condition. Dehydration, in turn, reduces the volume of blood plasma — this leads to malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Пять причин отказаться от алкоголя после тренировки

Unnecessary substances for the body

Drinking immediately after you finish, you break the restore process. But not because of the fact that drinking alcohol, and due to the fact that he preferred alcohol drink, not the food that could replenish the energy reserves of the body. “Sometimes alcohol consumption does not affect recovery, and on the wrong food — the body does not get enough carbohydrates (for resynthesis of glycogen) and protein (for muscle protein synthesis),” said Parr.

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