Five fancy hacking that lengthen life

Пять причудливых лайфхаков, которые удлиняют жизнь

The following tips may seem a little strange, but they prolong life and it is scientifically proven

As a result of research, scientists have made a summary of the five habits, which, despite its overt weirdness and even danger, will help to increase the life span.

First this habit is to disable all alarms. According to research scientists from Japan, damage the nervous system and increase the risk of heart attacks can abrupt loud noises, especially in the case of a sleeping body.

Пять причудливых лайфхаков, которые удлиняют жизнь

The second habit — not to indulge in a glass of dry red wine. However, the recommendations of scientists, more than one glass at a time should not take it. Moreover, be sure to consult with your doctor, because alcohol even in small doses can carry many deadly threat.

The third is to make a pet. Scientists have proved that the positive emotions that people bring Pets, reduced daily stress, and generally strengthens the immune system.

The fourth habit that will lengthen the life — to wash less often. Frequent bathing strips the skin of protective layer, which is responsible for opposition of the body to various diseases, dry it and cause allergies.

And the last habit to give up bread: “Eat the bread!” The antioxidants in the crust and crumb of bread, reduce the risk of cancer. But with bread, as in the case of wine, the main thing — to observe a measure, the researchers note.

Пять причудливых лайфхаков, которые удлиняют жизнь

To complement the above habits can the results of a recent study by German scientists. According to them, slow the aging process and extend the life of regular exercise in endurance — e.g. long run. In turn strength training no positive effects on the body, according to scientists, do not have.

We will remind about the daily habits that adversely affect our body

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