Five dangerous diseases that most often attack women

Пять опасных болезней, которые чаще всего атакуют женщин

There is disease, whose victims are most often women

Few people know that it is women who often become victims of depression. Among adult women with this mental disorder affects about one in five. But depression list of “female” diseases is not exhaustive.

Multiple sclerosis. It is an incurable disease affecting the Central nervous system leads to the fact that the coating of nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord are covered by numerous scars, a prolonged unhealthy nerve tissue. Its symptoms are manifested in age from 20 to 40 years and include such symptoms as numbness of the muscles, loss of vision and paralysis. Women have it three times more often than men.

Пять опасных болезней, которые чаще всего атакуют женщин

Lupus. As with previous disease belongs to the category of autoimmune diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells. The symptoms of this disease are similar in the fact that many patients have a strong unmotivated fatigue, headaches. Also they observed an increase of the joints in the extremities, hair loss. More than 90 percent of patients with lupus people are women.

Celiac disease. The disease is associated with a negative immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein contained in wheat, barley and rye. The hallmark of the disease, leanness, which is present in the background of ample volumes of nutrition. Perhaps some will rejoice, but in fact it is a very unpleasant and dangerous for health symptom, which means that the body gets from food the necessary nutrients. Up to 70 percent of patients were women.

The irritable bowel syndrome. Cramps, pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation that will not go away for a long time. All these are typical symptoms of this disease. As with all diseases in this list, the irritable bowel syndrome remains a mystery for doctors in their cause. 65 percent of those who are diagnosed with this violation are women.

Пять опасных болезней, которые чаще всего атакуют женщин

The chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a violation not just spoils the life and makes human existence unbearable. Simple actions, for example, taking a shower, require enormous efforts and make truly suffer. Victims of the syndrome encompasses severe fatigue, pain in muscles, tormented by memory loss and insomnia. Even thinking can become too heavy a process. Women suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome four times as often as men.

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