Five common myths about heart disease and blood vessels

Пять распространенных мифов о болезнях сердца и сосудов

Scientists commented on a popular theory about cardiovascular disease. According to experts, few of these theories believe in which huge number of people — not that other as myths, from which, it’s time to give up.

Many people think that the threat of heart disease can be inherited – if one of the parents suffered a heart attack, he is likely to occur in their offspring. But scientists argue that the genetic nature of cardiovascular diseases does not outweigh the impact of lifestyle. Physical activity and proper nutrition really prevent disease for those whose relatives suffered from heart problems.

Misconception is the view that men are more likely than women to be victims of heart diseases. According to scientific experts, with age, in women, the predisposition to diseases of the heart and blood vessels is manifested no less than in men.

Also a mistake is the assertion that heart disease is inherent only in the elderly. In the conditions of modern realities of young people’s risk of suffering from heart disease is greater than ever – that promote a sedentary lifestyle during childhood, obesity, the abuse of fast food and sugar.

Most people believe that a heart attack is necessarily manifested in the form of sharp chest pain. A myth! Very often the first symptoms of heart attack are heavy breathing, vomiting, pain in the shoulder.

Another theory is that heart disease in humans is preceded by problems with blood pressure and hypertension. The problem is that often people are not aware about their hypertension, it is not always possible to diagnose.

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