Five children flew into the air on Monday the details of the tragedy

Пятеро детей взлетели в воздух на Донбассе: детали трагедии

Five children aged 7 to 13 years was blown up by a grenade in occupied Lugansk region

The incident occurred in the village of Krasnaya Zarya Perevalsky district, misleading the separatist resources.

The children found a stash of ammunition near residential buildings. In play, children accidentally detonated one of the grenades was found and received injuries of different severity.

The injured children were taken to medical institutions of the occupied Lugansk. There they are taken care of by the doctors.

Note that according to the monitoring mission of the UN, as of June 1, 2019 in the fighting in the Donbas killed 147 Ukrainian children.

Пятеро детей взлетели в воздух на Донбассе: детали трагедии

Earlier in Zaporozhye on the street Vinnytska grenade exploded, injuring two teenagers aged about 14 years. Senior died.

It is established that juvenile 2005 and 2006 years of birth were walking down the street Happy. Near one of the apartment buildings they found explosive device, the boy born in 2005 after some time, walking on the street Vinnitsa, thrown to the ground in front of him. The result was an explosion that caused injuries to minors.

On a scene immediately left the leadership of the Dniprovskiy police Department, the chief juvenile prevention, investigators, bomb experts, dog handlers and health care workers.

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Пятеро детей взлетели в воздух на Донбассе: детали трагедии

Of children immediately admitted to the hospital, the lives of the elderly could not be saved, a child born in 2006 were given medical help, his life threatens nothing.

Open criminal proceedings on signs of article 264 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (Negligent storage of firearms or ammunition). The sanction of article provides restriction of freedom for up to three years or imprisonment for the same term.

Recall that we reported that the DNI on the grenade struck the father and three children.

We also reported that in the Kharkiv region in the private house came the grenade.

Even politeka reported in the house of a former soldier OOS powerful explosion.