Five beauty rules well-groomed woman who always in a hurry

Want to look your best but not spend half the salary and South? Tell how to do it.

П&#039ятірка б&#039юті-правил доглянутої жінки, яка вічно поспішає

Conditional between you and the “ideal you” there are only two obstacles – time and money (well, more lazy, but more on that another time). What about when I want to be a productive member of society with a clear head, and neat nails, but a deadline (work, school, kids) occupied all the free hours of sleep?

Our rules will help us to fool everyone and make believe that you should devote much more time than actually it is, informs Rus.Media.

Nail file and nail Polish in her purse

Nothing brings a girl to like groomed nails. If the pocket bag will always be a small nail file you can file the nail, which broke and to remove the cuticle. Choose cardboard with two types of abrasive – hard to nail plate and soft for skin. Oil (required with a roller applicator), apricot kernel, olive, avocado or wheat germ – will strengthen the nails and give the hands a well-groomed appearance. It is better than cream because he doesn’t leave hands sticky and is applied only to the cuticle.

Attention to detail

Hair accessories should be subtle – nothing spoils and “cheapens” the image, as color gum does not in tone or pin with lots of rhinestones.

Buy a set of invisible or transparent “springs” – these less spoil the hair, and very discreet and do not distract attention from your face. Thus, do not have in the morning in a hurry to take the first rubber band for hair and blush the whole day for what it is with shells.

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Always fresh mind (and a dry shampoo, of course)

“Stale” hairstyle for killing time any way, and colleagues are accustomed to this, just begin to think of you as sloppy. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the willpower to get up in the morning an hour earlier to wash and style your hair, so better do it tonight. While you are still on your feet, force yourself to spend an extra hour in the bathroom is much easier than to get them out of bed in the morning on the first call of the alarm clock.

If you just overslept, get in the office a good dry shampoo – it will help, but not immediately, but in 2-3 hours.

Don’t wear makeup on the run

Of course, very convenient to carry in the bag a whole Arsenal – loose powder, a few lipsticks, perfume. But, placing those things in the workplace, and bridging Marafet before adjourning for the evening, we go short-sighted.

First, quality suffers makeup. It is much nicer to put on makeup in front of your favorite mirror at home, than crouched in a knot at your Desk or (don’t do that!) in the women’s restroom. To withdraw in such circumstances a perfect eyeliner or lip contour is practically impossible, and in practice can take a lifetime.

Second, overlapping the old layer of makeup new, we harm the skin – a few of us first completely wash off the day makeup, and then painted. In most cases, we gloss over the dark circles under your eyes or pimples, which are inflamed in the morning, even stronger.

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Third, it’s unsanitary to carry cosmetics in the bag – shadows and dust have a habit of crumbling at the most inopportune moment, and as much as handbags were killed in smeared lipstick lining. And if you break a bottle of perfume, a few days risk to spend in splendid isolation.

Otshelushivaet the skin in time

Nothing looks so slovenly as groomed skin, and if a body fall, we have somehow decided not to show, then with the arrival of cold weather, the problem of peeling of the face appears in all its glory. Cope will help cleansing mask or scrub (for the body, by the way, is the perfect ground coffee with honey or gel for the shower very budget). Clean the face can be like a clay mask and a peel-roll – with the arrival of our market Korean brands you can buy it quite cheaply. Do not forget the rule of “scrub – moisturize”.

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