Fitness trainer shared the secret of weight loss: “eat”

Фитнес-тренер поделилась секретом похудения: "Надо есть"

Spring is not far off, so the girls rush to the gym to lose all the excess quickly

The use of any product need to limit, if you lose weight? What foods and when to eat? This was told by a fitness trenerke Gayane BEM.

What to eat after a workout?

If you during the day, eat 5 — 7 times, if you have enough protein, fat, carbohydrates and if you a half hour or hour eat before training, there is much you don’t want. If by 12:00 in the morning you have a physical or mental work is necessary. Those who lose weight, necessary proteins and fiber. If you’re going to move, and sleep plan in 12 or per hour, you need to add carbohydrates one hour after workout, not before.

Фитнес-тренер поделилась секретом похудения: "Надо есть"

Carbohydrates are the easiest form of energy, which saturates the body. There are simple and complex carbohydrates. Mostly I like simple. It’s sweet that quickly enter the blood. If the person is not trained once ate a bagel, and ate to sleep, it goes into the subcutaneous fat. Complex carbohydrates are millet, wild rice, buckwheat, barley porridge. They provide energy for a long time.

How to eat fruit

I think that we need to eat fruits up to 16 hours, because it is too carbohydrates. If you really want, you can eat a green Apple. After 16 hours, it is not recommended to eat grapes, there are a lot of sugar. Also bananas, melons, watermelon. Fruit should be eaten separately from main meal.

Dinner after 18 hours

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How to start losing weight? 80% is nutrition. If the person is trained, but does not change the power, nothing will change. We need to share Breakfast, lunch and dinner. There should be three clear meals and in between snacks. If you work late, then 40 minutes before bed to eat cottage cheese. Those who want to gain weight, after six opposite should eat.

Фитнес-тренер поделилась секретом похудения: "Надо есть"

To lose weight — you need to eat to relieve swelling — you need to drink water. Just for Breakfast and lunch to eat complex carbohydrates — cereals. Squirrels eat throughout the day whenever you want. This meat (welded or baked chicken, veal), dairy products. Fiber — lettuce. Should be excluded from the diet of potatoes, beets and corn or at least have them in the evening.

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