Fishing rod instead of the machine: veterans of the ATO held a fishing tournament

Удочка вместо автомата: ветераны АТО провели рыболовный турнир

Fishing rod instead of the machine: veterans of the ATO held a fishing tournament

Instead of machine – rod. Former participants of the ATO today find out who the best fisherman. Why such competitions are so important to men? Tell Marina Grigoryan.

Fishing is a kind of meditation, marine says Victor. Three years later, in his hands are not weapons and gear.

“I think I had something slowly. I vzhe three and half rocky not laviv. Forget – nichogo not zabudesh and docines morally Ficino, pospula s rybkami, including themselves, Yak – VSI,” says Viktor Kardash, – ATO, marine.

As for Igor – fishing is not just a competition, but also a time to communicate with family. Throwing the bait, he tells his son about military life.

“Sin priyshov me patronati. I waiau scho potribni tak mrobama, that scho TSE DOPOMOGA our wonam, that at a time to boronate power, yakos reabilitaciya, zaspokoic, s family, s bacilica dwellers CCB postijno. I atrial zadovolennya on Danian hour, meni TSE podobala,” says Igor Shadownessence, a member of ATO.

The son of Yaroslav tries to imitate the father.

“I duzhe Chekov tsogo dwellers dad mene privv flies, and I want duzhe Yogo patronati, mene duzhe Garni nastri. VIN duzhe sakugawa Veliko of pavage, VIN duzhe bagato working”, – says Yaroslav.

A fishing tournament for members of ATU organized in Gostomel.

“First scho I zrobiv if powernova s Debalcevo – prijav on rybalku. Three dni I probuj bilya water – TSE mene Bula reabilitacia. Nichogo, Yak – for-zaspokoi nervou system. Man noseradius on the float, there odicc, Spokane docheva, Tisha spoke, I can imagine Spokane vdovine”, – says Alexei, Tabachuk, head of Gostomel community members of ATU.

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The winner is traditionally determined by the total weight of the catch. A separate prize for the largest instance.

“To more or less be honest, we in these categories will determine the first three winners who will have the best results. In fishing without any luck difficult,” – said Dmitry Korzenkov, member of the jury.

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