Fire quickly extinguished the Foyer Sutton

incendie-cause-electrique-force-evacuation(Sutton) An electrical fire forced the evacuation of 71 residents with limited mobility Foyer Sutton, 8 to 30 pm on Saturday. The details collected by the fire department when calling led him to start the “Protocol 10-13” for very high-risk buildings. Firefighters from five neighboring municipalities were called in. They were 52 at the time of the huge operation, which was finally held optimally, according to the spokesman of the Fire Department Sutton, Marc-Antoine Fortier.

No one was injured nor bothered by the smoke during the fire. “The detection of the fire by the staff and the 911 call quickly avoided the damage,” says Marc-Antoine Fortier, who had the opportunity to see the effectiveness of the Protocol between 10-13 when the call came at 8 am 30, and the end of the operation, two hours later. It was the first time the call protocol was applied to Sutton since its establishment, just a few years.

The spokesman of the fire department also wishes to emphasize the efficiency of dispatchers 911 Central Sutton. “It’s people who are often in the dark and do an outstanding job. They are behind the computer and they give us the right details without seeing the establishment, “he notes.

10-13 Protocol

Three protocols exist for fire called “high risk”. 10-13 is the first level, followed by 10-14. “The protocol 10-15, is for similar situations in Lac-Mégantic. There are many more players, I would say that the entire MRC will speak with us, “says Marc-Antoine Fortier to illustrate the gradation of the procedures established by the importance of the blaze.

The large buildings, residential, commercial and industrial, are targeted by these procedures. On the territory of Sutton, it is mainly of shelters for the elderly and disabled, as the Foyer Sutton.

Saturday morning, so are 52 firefighters who came to the residence of the Western street. “To prevent the worst,” says Fortier, who was willing to take any risks through the use of fire services of the municipalities of Frelighsburg, Brome Lake, Cowansville, Dunham and Richford, Vermont.

Fortunately, these firefighters have had to offer that assistance, since the focus of the staff had already begun its own process of evacuation. “They really did an outstanding job,” notes Marc-Antoine Fortier.

In the calm

When they received a beginning of smoke smell, the residence staff immediately alerted firefighters Sutton, then started the horizontal evacuation process. This process seeks to move all residents in the four fire sections of the establishment or dining rooms.

“The residents were not even aware (that there was a fire). It moves, but it does not necessarily say why. For them it was a little early for meals, “says clinical nurse Karine Crack, which is why the following things took place peacefully.

“Nobody was in danger, so we had nothing else to do or say,” admits the nurse, who is also the immediate assistant to the superior. All staff of the Home of Sutton, she said, knew what to do if an emergency arose. “We were ready. Here, training is given and the updates are made. It’s all stakeholders, not just nurses or nursing assistants, it is everyone! “She said, including in the batch administrative staff and the housekeeping. Twenty-two employees were on the floor at the time of the fire.

Four minutes after the call, Sutton firefighters arrived on the scene. “In Sutton, we made calculations in the last five years and it is we who have one of the fastest mobilization time,” argues Marc-Antoine Fortier.

electrical cause

The fire originated in the mechanical room on the ground floor of the hotel. Marc-Antoine Fortier fireman speaks of a defect in the hot water system. His counterpart from the fire department of Cowansville, Gilles Deschamps gives a little more detail. “It’s a tank that was heated, melted the son,” he said. The damage is valued at less than $ 10,000.

“We have heard horror stories like what buildings have no alarm system and are not consistent,” says the spokesman of the fire Sutton service. Marc-Antoine Fortier cites the Foyer Sutton example. “This one is equipped with an alarm and sprinkler system, and the staff has good training,” the he welcomes.

In half an hour, the fire was under control. No room has been affected and the intervention of the ambulance service was not necessary. Following checks technicians responsible of the building, no further investigation is required. The situation was back to normal in the afternoon on Saturday.

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