Fire landing in “Sheremetyevo”: the number of deaths rose sharply

Огненная посадка самолета в «Шереметьево»: количество погибших резко выросло

The number of dead Russians as a result of a fiery landing at the airport “Sheremetyevo” increased almost two times

This reports the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

“As previously reported, on Board the aircraft, EN route Moscow-Murmansk, there was 78 people, including crew members. For utochneny data available to the investigation to date, of which survived, 37 people”, — stated in the message.

Огненная посадка самолета в «Шереметьево»: количество погибших резко выросло

At the same time, Russian journalists did not confirm this information.

“There is a destiny of 28 persons of them unknown, to bury them yet. This is the official UK representative Svetlana Petrenko said, and information about the 41 who died while mildly exaggerated. I hope that they will find and will find the living,” reads the message.

As previously reported, the network has a scandal because of the behavior of Russians on Board the burning “Superjet” in Sheremetyevo airport.

“The crew from the ship were evacuated first, with the exception of two people. Many of the passengers during the evacuation tried to grab things from the top shelf, leaving no chance to those who were in the tail section of the aircraft. The whole crew interviews right now. Investigators are all brought to a separate office in the building of the airport Sheremetyevo”, — stated in the message.

Moreover, Russian journalists have also published online the footage, saved the Russians are coming with their Luggage.

We emphasize that according to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the tragedy killed 13 people, including two children.

Огненная посадка самолета в «Шереметьево»: количество погибших резко выросло

We will remind, Ukraine has bought a plane-killer, from which all refused: too dangerous.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea: “Bomb the Crimean bridge.”

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians: parts and frames PE.