Fire in Saint-Cesaire: “I lost everything”

feu-pris-naissance-toit-residence(Saint-Cesaire) “I lost everything. My memories, my pictures, everything went up in smoke, “says Benoit Debaecker sadly, after an electrical nature of fire that heavily damaged Saturday residence of 189 Rang du Bas of the South River, Saint Cesaire.

At least no one was hurt during the evening which was initially dedicated to the celebration. This eventually turned into a nightmare.

“My friend who was a celebration, and I have been able to get out quickly. I’ve only had time to save my passport, “said the French origin established in Quebec since 2002 telephone interview with La Voix de l’Est.

It is the bravery of a firefighter who helped save his fire portfolio, he added.

Completely destroyed roof
The flames sprang up to 20 h 15 Saturday night in the roof. Firefighters arrived quickly, but they had to wait until the arrival of tankers can actually start work, since no hydrant was not nearby.

The director of fires in the city of Saint-Cesaire, Etienne Chassé, confirmed that the fire was of electrical origin. “There was a short circuit in the electric mat, what caused the fire,” he says.

Firefighters bodies of five cities – Saint-Damase, Ange-Gardien, Rougemont, Richelieu and St. Paul d’Abbotsford – were called in. Between 50 and 60 firefighters spent two hours to control the flames, says Etienne Chassé.

The Fire Director added that the building structure is still “in good condition” and that the roof is completely destroyed. “We’re talking about $ 200,000 damage,” said he briefly.

The age of the house, which was a century old, has complicated the work of firefighters. “It was difficult to tackle the attic because of the way it was designed,” says Etienne Chassé.

“I thank all those who helped us. The Red Cross, which gave me a voucher for laundry and food, and firefighters on site were nice and good comfort, “emphasizes for its part that is a citizen of Saint-Césaire since January 2015.

Benoit Debaecker is now waiting for a call from his insurance company. “I do not know where to begin, honestly, he laments. It may stretch over several months before I knew an ending for my situation. ”

Trying to see the sad events of a better look, he says ironically that firefighters were able to save a bottle of champagne reserved for the festive evening, which was in the refrigerator.

“The house is only material. What saddens me is to lose all my memories, all my objects that were dear to me, “he drops.

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